Due to the fact that so-called humanity (or, at least, one of its big parts called the United States of America) is doggedly struggling to conquer space, besides countless political, economic, and legal problems, a question comes to existence: does the human conquest of other planets mean the transfer of human systematic and unlimited violence and corruption? In other words, does the human conquest of space mean that human beings will transfer their existential problems (like the violence against and exploitation of all alive and non-alive identities) to other planets?      

Let me shortly answer this question by slightly emphasizing “the Donald John Trump Syndrome”, [1] just an atom of Government or State personality, throughout only two examples of his psychopathic tendencies as a US Presidential Candidate and President-elect: mass deportation and an apartheid wall. He has hotly been crusading against the illegal immigrants or nearly the 11,000,000 undocumented immigrants,[2] when the USA, as one of the biggest and bloodiest illegal immigrations during human history, is itself constructed on systematically destroying the Indians, occupying and plundering their territory, strengthened by its old and modern slavery and imperialism.[3] In his presidential-campaign announcement, he stigmatized Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and “drug dealers”.[4] He is also struggling to build a separation wall along the Mexico-US border and stop drug trafficking, which would nearly cost $100,000,000,000 to $300,000,000,000, while some architects have argued that its construction is hardly possible because of the physical challenges.[5] Without forgetting the huge human suffering of President Trump’s mass deportation and apartheid policy, Gitis and Collins have estimated the US Government would need to spend roughly $400,000,000,000 to $600,000,000,000 to address the 11.2,000,000 undocumented immigrants and prevent illegal immigration to the USA, which would accordingly shrink the labor force by 11,000,000 workers and decrease real GDP by $1.6,000,000,000,000.[6]

May I remind the readers of the fact that “until 1848 California, New Mexico and other portions of the Southwest were internationally recognized provinces of free Mexico, until the U.S. decided it wanted those provinces, declared war on Mexico, and stole them?[7] Can President Trump’s apartheid wall constitute another irony of bloody history reminding of the Mexican War (1846-1848) in which, as John S. Brown, Chief of Military History, stated, the US Government “added some one million square miles of territory, including what today are the states of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California, as well as portions of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada[8]?

If the USA has been nationally and internationally forced to somehow recognize its colonialism, imperialism, and genocide inside as well as outside its territory, it has never been judged and punished for its war crimes and crimes against humanity and the environment, since justice is not really for judging and punishing the strongest, but for destroying the weakest. This could be the opposite of Canada that has rarely wanted to recognize its crimes against the so-called First Nations and non-white immigrants or legally racialized as visible minorities. 

In reality, the earth, based on natural and human laws, is chock-full of institutionalized Mafias and systematic injustice, exploitation, and violence, while many human beings are struggling to beautify its ugly and cruel existence through countless hypocritical and demagogic theories and debates, deeply rooted in systematic lies, deceptions, brainwashing, and propaganda in all directions. The earth is, since time immemorial, functioning in accordance with the will of certain Almighty Godfathers/mothers that are mercilessly imposing their social, economic, and political rules upon all existence, nothing less than all. Humanity has however struggled to minimize this terrible reality by countless lies, myths, religions, idols, ideologies, names, symbols, mottoes, and emblems: God/Gods, Goddess/Goddesses, Yahweh, Allah, Marduk, Zeus, Nemesis, Ahura Mazda, “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” (la devise de la République française), “Peace, Independence, Democracy” (the national emblem of Laos), “Through Law to Justice” (Osgoode Hall Law School’s motto), the Statue of Liberty (Liberty Enlightening the World), Justice Bridge Legal Center, etc.

Paradoxically, any person who is frankly speaking about or claiming those abstract words or values (particularly, liberty, equality, fraternity, justice, liberty, and deep ecology) would be most probably regarded as naive, charlatanistic, or sentimentalist, if not absolutely stupid, in a world based on money and interest. I would nonetheless recognize that certain Governors and ultra-capitalists are fervently defending the protection of workers and poor people that they are maximally exploiting! For example, Trump, as a Presidential Candidate, did already signal that the rich “would see higher taxes under his administration, breaking with conservative orthodoxy and his own tax plan.[9] The Governors and ultra-capitalists’ defense of working and poor classes would unlikely concern themselves and their clans who are traditionally enjoying le cumul des mandats et emplois: President, Vice President, Senator, MP, Member of the European Parliament, Professor, lawyer, and so on.[10] Even a gang of Governmental or Official Plunderers and Criminals are tirelessly preaching the ethos and benefits of modesty and poverty to us, while they are lavishly living and despotically governing like Pharaoh and Stalin. For example, the most powerful clerical oligarchs or so-called Ayatollahs (i.e. Rubber Barons) are comfortably profiting from huge wealth stemmed from Mafia activities, war crimes and crimes against humanity and nature, such as Ali Hosseini Khamenei, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Abbas Vaez Tabasi or the so-called “Sultan of Khorasan”, Abolghasem Khazali Boroujerdi, and Mohammad Yazdi.[11] As Quaem Maquami argued, the Billionaire Mullahs are sucking the Iranian wealth like an Octavo and transmuting into a Spider-Man to save the Islamic Republic[12] or the Republic of Mullahs.

Human experience with the so-called discovery of certain continents in the “Age of Discovery” or the “Age of Exploration”, enforced by so-called the “white” and “civilized” man, could imply that the conquest of other planets could not be a real solution to countless human and environmental problems like violence, criminality, governance, exploitation, corruption, property, inequality, poverty, starvation, inflation, joblessness, homelessness, housing, immigration, prostitution, religion, and pollution. The Age of Mass Violence or the Age of Mass Colonialism, Mercantilism, Imperialism, Murder, Slavery, Usurpation, Occupation, and Plunder has indeed provided a minority of individuals and their castes with a great opportunity of enslaving and exploiting huge human, aboriginal as well as immigrant, and nonhuman resources as a commodity in accordance with their mercantilist mind and capitalist behavior. Some intellectuals and politicians have accordingly come into existence to absolutely rationalize, justify, banalize, or legalize, according to circumstances, all forms of violence against and exploitation of humans and nonhumans in the name of rationality, naturality, academicity, or legality. In this case, the USA, Canada, and Australia are three classic examples of genocide and plunder, either rationalized (e.g., so-called “scientific racism”) or legalized (e.g., the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 in the USA and the Residential Schools in Canada).[13] Those resources are not actually accessible to all individuals, rather to a bunch of wealthy and powerful individuals and their gangs. For instance, although the USA and Canada own huge stolen territories from the aboriginals, they estimate that 750,000 people are homeless in the USA and 200,000 to 300,000 homeless people in Canada.[14]

For instance, if the conquest of the Americas could bring happiness, prosperity, peace, justice, democracy, clean and safe environment to all humans and nonhumans, or, in short, if it could guarantee existential dignity (the respect of humanity and nature), the conquest of other planets would do the same. The conquest of space would even lead to mass violence not only among the conquerors struggling for more powers and advantages, but also against the inhabitants of other planets in the case of extraterrestrial life. In the case of spatial conquest, the human history of war and conquest would repeat, which would provide another uncountable opportunity for a gang of politicians, intellectuals (particularly, philosophers), and legalists (law Professors, lawyers, prosecutors, and judges) to get richer through justifying, legalizing, and governing mass violence and pillage. In addition, they would most likely establish some complex and ideological systems to really or fictively manage or govern human attitudes resulting in war, genocide, plunder, frontier conflict, national and international inequality, pollution, and the extinction of animal and plant species, among many others catastrophes caused by humanity.

All in all, it seems to me that human beings’ conquest of space will unfortunately help them to transfer their existential catastrophes to other planets: the violence against and exploitation of all alive, including themselves, and non-alive things, misery, poverty, war, corruption, propaganda, brainwashing, etc. I sincerely hope that I have made a mistake in my conclusion insomuch as humanity would be able to guarantee existential dignity or a peaceful and respectful existence without or with extremely less violence against and exploitation of humans and nonhumans.


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