My Photos’ Titles and Details on 500px: “Racism Is Structural in Canada and Academia.”

A Traditional Princess Was Kissed by a Modern Prince!

Vladimir Putin secretly kissed Angela Merkel in a highway,” which publicly said François Hollande!

 Are We Jailed by Ironic Lanes?

“Will railways find their renaissance in black and white?” Asked Fidel Castro by Obama!     

Does Existence Stop at the Heart of Modern Dragons? 

From a Crossroad My Mind Flew!

Sirus in Conquering Sukhothai in Thailand!

The Three Mesquiteers Are Walking in Bangkok!

Does Sirus Love Lanes?

Did Buddha Love Elephants?

At the Angle of a Building Was an Angel!

Where Is “Happy Bar”? It’s in Khaosan Road according to Sirus!

“Is this Venice?” Sirus Answered: “No, it’s Bangkok!”

Can Sirus confirm that Bangkok is the Venice of Asia or Asian Venice?

Did Buddha Find Wisdom at the End of an Alley?

Sirus Found Life in the Middle of Buddhism!

If Sirus couldn’t see the White House in Washington DC, he could see another White House in Bangkok! Amen!

Oh Temples, Where Is Life?

The King and the Queen are Omnipresent in Thailand!! Are they God? Amen!

Will Tree Be Born in Temples? A Boy asked Mother Teresa!

Why Do the Dragons Dance with the Railways?

Was Sirus Swallowed by an Ironic Snake?

It was at the heart of a Dragon that Modern Man was born!

Shall Sirus Come Back to Chiangmai?

What Will We Find at the End of a Temple?

What is this? This is a Temple!

Does a temple exist at the mind or heart of a Buddhist?

When a Ship Kisses a Bridge in Bangkok!

Who Loves Kebab in Khaosan Road in Bangkok?

Is this Buddha’s Castle?

Hasn’t Buddhism become a marketing and political phenomenon?

Does Khaosan Road Miss Sirus?

Why do Tourists Love Bangkok?

Are the Black and White Temples in Bangkok?

Why Buddha Is Big and Golden in Bangkok?

A Temple Was Born in My Mind in Bangkok!

Could Sirus Find Buddha in Thailand?

Why Pedestrians Are Beautiful in Thailand?

“Thailand, Will You Kiss Me Again?”, Sirus asked!

Bangkok Was Full of Propaganda and Marketing!

Why Sirus Was a Bohemian Traveler in Thailand?

The One Divides into Two in Bangkok!

Throughout a Canal Sirus Saw Misery in Bangkok!

From a Dark Frame Sirus Saw Human Misery!

Bangkok as a City of Advertisement and Propaganda!

Oh Bangkok, the Paradise of Poor Tourists!

Oh Bangkok, My Love!

Oh Bangkok, je t’aime!

Is this Sirus’ Nostalgic Alley during His Bohemian Travel to Thailand?

Who Said to Sirus: “Bangkok Has No Car!”

Are Cars Professional or Serial Killers?

Tunnels Are Everywhere, and Everything Is Tunnel!

Who Was Waiting for Sirus in Bangkok?

Is this Buddha’s White House?

Isn’t Buddhism finally a marketing and political phenomenon?

Is Life Eventually Leftist?

Buddha Isn’t Absolutely a Modest Man, but a Capitalist Dictator!

Buddhism is, for me, another version of capitalism, liberalism, and communism with its results of stupidity, egoism, injustice, and exploitation. Is Buddha thus Dead?

Oh Bangkok, do You Miss Sirus, the King, or Both?

Shall Sirus Go to the End of an Alley?

Where Shall Sirus Go in Bangkok?

Sirus Was Shocked by Contrasts in Thailand: Poverty v. Wealth

Is photography able to perfectly show existential injustice like misery and racism?

An Alley Brought Me to the Clouds from Ayutthaya!

Is this a Road to Buddhism?

Oh Ayutthaya, I Love You!

Does a Train Bring Me again to Ayutthaya?

Is this a Nostalgic Gate towards My Existence?

Are the Cocks Sleeping in Ayutthaya?

Why My Mind Cannot Stay in a Temple?

Sirus Was Lost at the Heart of Bangkok!

Bangkok Is Always Busy!

Where are pedestrians going?

Lanes Were Fresh in My Thinking Subway!

Beauty Was in the Subway!

My Imagination Disappeared from Subway!

The Lanes Are Kissing the Passengers!

Who Is Waiting for Me at the End of Subway?

Sirus’ Bohemian Travel to Bangkok!

A Walking Girl in the Death Row of York University Factory

Haven’t Propaganda and Marketing Occupied All Human Existence?

A Waiting Girl for Love in a Crossroad!

Have You Found My Heart in this Crossroad?

All Lanes Are Existential, All Existence!

Is this a Kissed Sky by a Skyscraper?

Is this Existence?

Is Modern Life Made by Signs?

Is Sirus Scared of the Modern Dragons?

Are the Modern Dragons Eating an Alley?

Are Columns Dangerous?

Are Pedestrians Loving Clouds?

A Truck Drives on My Nerves!

Traffic Lights Are in My Dreams!

My Dream Starts when a Crossroad Stops!

Has Our Existence Simply Become Ironic?

“Can the Towers and Bridges Make Love in Sunshine?” Pope Francis Questioned Jesus!

Will the Thai Gladiators Fight under a Bridge?

Who Are Walking Towards the Skyline in Sukhumvit Road?

Sirus Revolts Against Existence: “Where Does My Hope Exist?”

Who Will Revolt for Justice in Bangkok?

Sirus Asked God: “Is there any Easy Pass in My Life?”

Do the Pedestrians Love a Car under a Thai Bridge?

Who Said to Sirus that Bangkok Is Beautiful in White and Black?

Is there any “Easy Pass” under a Thai Bridge?

Do the Skyscrapers Love Making Love with the Clouds?

Will the Powerlines Kill Existence?

Does Postmodernity Swallow Humanity?

Will the Directions Eventually Kiss the Chevalier and His Military Cocks?

Sirus Asks: “Why Does a Temple Exist?”

Does a Chevalier Wage War Against the Buddhist Cocks?

Are the Flags Going to the Horizon?

What Is This?

Do Women Love Buddha?

Are they Tourists or Buddhists?

Is Sirus Fascinated with Temples or Temples with Sirus?

Will Sirus Come Back to Ayutthaya for Taking His Heart?

Who Loves Walking Throughout Buddhist History? A Lion questioned a Tiger!

“Who Are these Beautiful Girls?” Cyrus the Great asked Buddha!

Did Buddha Love Panorama?

Did Buddha Love Cocks or Cocks Love Buddha?

Is there any Red Carpet for King Buddha? Trump asked Clinton!

Do the Cowboys Love Buddhism?

Was Buddha the Governor of Columns?

Who Worships the Temples in Sunshine?

Who Uses an Umbrella in Ayutthaya?

Does an Army of Cocks Go Fighting for Buddha?

Does Nirvana Rely on Buddhist Columns? Locke questioned Hobbes!

Do the Powerlines Chain the Temple Up?

“Is modernity or postmodernity vs tradition?”

Who Is Dreaming of Becoming a Thai King in a Third Class Train?!

“There would rarely exist any good thing in poverty, but humiliation and slavery. And those who are hotly preaching the ethos of poverty to us are nothing but masters or liars.”

Is this a Buddhist, Cubist, or Surrealist Girl?

Does Postmodernity Take Arms Against the Buddhist Dragons?

Did the Buddhist Dragons Respect Sirus?!

Who Will Feed the Buddhist Cocks?

Sirus Cried: “Oh Temple, Can You Calm All My Existential Suffering Down?”

“Can a Tree Marry a Temple?” Buddha asked Sirus!

Did Sirus Cry Amongst the Ruins of Humanity?

After my death, they will burn my mind not to come back to existence!

What Are the Tourists Looking for in the Ruins of Buddhism?

Is Turning Around an Existential Flight?

Can a Buddhist Temple Survive in a Jungle?

Are the Tourists Walking Throughout Buddhist Heart in Ayutthaya?

Is Ayutthaya Nostalgic?

Why a Man Wanted to Kiss a Bridge?

Where Do the Lines Go in Ayutthaya?

Sirus’ Bohemian Travel in Thailand Was Made in Several Third Class Trains!

I took this third class train to travel from Ayutthaya to Sukhothai. I enjoyed it, because I wanted to feel how ordinary and poor Thai people travel when Thailand’s King has US $30,000,000,000!! In addition, my frozen body by Canada could deeply touch hot weather! Amen!

Who Are in the Dark Side of Ayutthaya Railway Station?

Could Sirus Fly with Ayutthaya Railway Station?!

Is a Train Station for Embracing Exile’s Eyes?

Happiness Will Start if Postmodernity Stops?

Oh Lanes, Let Me Be Alone!

Who Is Outside of Life’s Circle?

Is there any Hope in Human Suffering?

What Exists in an Impasse?

Does this Ferry Go to Make Love with the Clouds?

Did Buddha Love Rivers?

Who Will Cry for a Dead Bicycle?

Will a Thai Cyclist Kiss a Thai Woman?

Is this a Fragile Alley in Life?

Why Do Train Stations Exist?

Who Loves the Tourists?

“For Whom They Are Waiting?” God asked Sirus!

Who Loves a Third Class Train Is a Third Class Citizen?

A Third Class Train Passed Sirus Throughout Thailand’s Heart!

Where Do Four Lanes Go?

Did Sirus Find His Salvation in Bangkok Railway Station?

Does the Skytrain Love the Modern Gladiators?

Who Loves the Horizontal Lanes?

Is Thai Beauty Waiting for Pedestrians?

Will the Towers Finally Embrace the Bridge?

Is there any Synonymous Word for Postmodernity? Foucault asked Hitler!!

Is there any Escalator to Bring Me to the End of Life?

Who Loves Nobody Loves Everybody?

Where We Go with Postmodernity?

Is Sathorn City Tower a Mirror?

Why Is Humanity Advertising-Addicted?

Are Power Lines Omnipresent in Our Life?

Oh Thai Towers, Do You Miss Sirus?

Where Do the Modern Horses Go?

All Cars, Nothing Less than Cars!

Does the Modern Scorpion Hunt the Pedestrians?

Is Beauty in a Bus Stop?

Can Revolutionaries Make Love Amongst Capitalist Skyscrapers? Wondered a Marxist Sexologist.

Does Love Start Under a Thai Bridge?

Are the Lines Going to Finally Kiss Each Other?

Do the Walking People Go to Fight Against the Drivers? Sirus was asked by an Angel!

Let the Lanes Bring Sirus to His Heart!

Is there any “Successful” Sidewalk in Bangkok? Asked a Thai Governor!

Where Is Life in Modernity?

“Give me an Endless Bridge, I’ll go to the Sky!”

Where the Modern Gladiators Go to Fight?

Who Loves the Pedestrians in Black and White?

Who Knows the Existential Meaning of Roads?

Is She Happy Outside the Existential Corridor?

Who Did Bring Me to Nowhere in Bangkok?

Does She Send a SMS to Her Lover?

Is Sirus Fascinated by Dark Alleys?

Can Thai Drivers Fly to the Sky?

Will Her Life Restart in a Railway?

Who Are Les Hommes de la Rue?

Is Beauty Unlimited in Central World in Bangkok?

“Is Postmodernity Ironic or Iron is Postmodernist?” Asked Sarkozy!

Why Humanity Is Stuck on the Circle of Advertising? Asked a Happy Boy!

Do the Thai People Love Sidewalk?

Is there any Sexual Value at the End of the Point?

Will He Find His Life in this Sacré-Cœur?

When Will Postmodernity Embrace Green Spirit?

“Will Sukhumvit Road Absorb All Machines?” Cyrus the Great asked Sirus!

Will Existential Future Be Nothing but Machine?”

Lennon asked Stalin: “Is there any Bridge Embracing Bangkok’s Heart?”!

Will Thai-Japanese Bridge Traverse Historic Heart?

Did Buddha Lose His Head in Wat Traimit? Maradona asked Madonna!

Can She Go to Nirvana from this Temple? Nietzsche asked!

Why Does Sirus Hate God and King Together?

The Sirens Are Crying for Existential Misery Beside the Seaside of Human Cruelty.

She Was Looking Forward to Seeing Her Love in an Endless Tunnel!

Is this Beijing or Bangkok? Hillary Clinton asked Mao!

A Bridge Passed My Heart Throughout My Eyes!

The only thing that we cannot think is thinking!!

Where a Ferry Station Can Go?

Oh Khaosan Road, Are You Exchangeable? Asked a Walking Girl!

Are They Waiting for Love in a Thai Ferry Station?

When Sirus’ Eyes Secretly Kissed Thai Beauty!

If your eyes accept me, I’ll write my best poetry for your heart with my eyes!”

Why a Dark Spirit Was Born in a Temple?

Is this Thai Titanic? A Skyman asked his Mother Earth!

Can my imagination point to existence?

“Who Are Buddhas?” Asked a Nihilistic Dancer!

Who Loves the Tourists in Bangkok Subway?

Does an Existential Tunnel Go towards Sunshine?

“Where Does the Point of Life Go?” Asked David Cameron!

Who Is this Man?

Elizabeth II asked: “Who Said to Me there Is No Dragon in Bangkok?”

Is Buddha Rhythmic or Rhythm Is Buddhist?

Where Did the Roofs Kiss Her Eyes?

“Is Buddhist Rebirth True?” Asked Madonna!

“Why Do They Worship Buddha?” Engels asked Gandhi!

“Why Does Sirus Love Street Photography?” Asked Marx!

Sirus’ Heart Flew from Golden Mountain!

Is this Bangkok from Golden Mountain? Yes it is, Sirus replies!

Were the Motorcyclists Ready to Fight?

Do the Motorcyclists act like Gladiators in Bangkok?

Did a Bridge Kiss Sirus’ Eyes?

Two angels were making love under a bridge in Bangkok!

Did a Pedestrian Dream of Sunshine?

“Will He Again Find Her in Golden Mountain?” A Cowboy Asked!

A Surrealist Girl Wanted Flying from Golden Mountain!

“Let Me Love a Woman in a “No Way Go”, Sirus Cried!”

Sirus Asked: “Why My Heart Was Stuck in this Impasse?”

Who Is Waiting for the Motorcycles Embracing the Thai Flags in an Alley?

Do the Flags Fly Over an Impasse?

Does Golden Mountain Turn Right? Only Buddha Knows!

“For Whom the Bell Tolls?” Hemingway Asked Sirus in Golden Mountain!

Do They Go to Worship Buddha or God?

At the Ruin of Life, Sirus Was Waiting for Hope!

If my heart can fly to see you, my eyes will again find their happiness!

Did Sirus Find His Salvation Throughout a Castle?

When your heart will find my eyes, I’ll again kiss you!”

“Does Postmodernity Coexist with Modernity?” Cyrus the Great Asked Sirus!

Is Bamboo Tattoo Imprisoned in Khaosan Road?

Is Bangkok the Land of Tuk-Tuks?

Bhumibol Cried: “Who Will Feed Birds?”

“When wind waves come back to my eyes, my heart will again become a bird in the sky!”

Will Cocks Become Buddhist in Their Rebirth?

Why Do Cars Go Alongside the White House?

Does Bangkok Love Umbrellas?

Does Postmodernity Really Suck?

Is this Bangkok? Yes it is, Sirus replied!

Will this Sidewalk Kiss a Hot River?

Is Bangkok Beautiful with Its Propaganda?

Who Stops at a Stop Sign?

“Is Marriage Outdated?” Asked Bill Gates!

Is Marriage Slavery or Slavery is Marriage? That is the question according to Shakespeare!”

Why Was Sirus Upset in an Existential Crossroad?

Why do the Modern Dragons Love Advertising?

Three Modern Dragons Are in the Lanes!

Life Is a Dark Tunnel for Countless People.

Why Do the Lanes Exist?

Is there any Lane for Human Suffering?

The Lanes, Lines, and Lights in the Skylines!

“The Cars Were Born Among the Lanes of the Signs!” Ford believed!

Who Is Waiting for the Light at the End of the Night?

“Who Existed Before Universal Creation?” A Mad Boy asked Gandhi!

“Is the Night Equal to Everyone in Its Darkness?” Asked a Feminist!

His Heart Suddenly Disappeared Alongside Two Female Pedestrians!

Who Are the Modern Soldiers?

Are the Cars Making Love Along the Lines of the Lights?

“Long Live the Night and Liberty!” It was her last song!

“Is the Night Sexy Sacred?” Marx asked Muhammad!

“Who Loves the Pedestrians at Night?” David asked Trump!

Who Lives at the Bottom of the Towers?

Do the Cars Make Love in the Crossroads?

Do the Pedestrians Belong to the Night?

Will the Towers Sing with the Pedestrians?

Who Walks in the Skyline of a Night where a Real Man Is Nowhere?

Mind and Heart Respectively Become Light and Heavy during the Night!

“All Night, All Flight, and Nothing Less!” Sirus claimed!

Does Life Mean to Challenge an Impasse?

Who Loves the Lights Loves Dancing with the Night?

Will the Horizontal Points Dance with the Horizontal Night?

“Don’t Worry, I’ll Come to Calm Your Existential Suffering Down.” The Night Proclaimed!

Sirus’ Heart Remained in Orizaba Forever!

An Alley Wanted to Kiss a Tower!

Sirus Saw Two Depressive Windows in a Castle!

Who Loves Liberty Loves Escaping from All Corridors!

Viva Mexico or Long Live Mexico!

A King Loved a Telephone in His Postmodern Castle!

An Alone Castle Among the Trees!

All Horizon, Lines, Lanes, and Nothing More Forever!

Before the Creation of the World, it Was Nothing but a Road to Nowhere!

Why Some Individuals Are the Pedestrians of Darkside?

When Existence Becomes a Shadow, Reality Becomes an Illusion!

“Is Life an Existential Shadow in a Sea of Suffering?” Hegel questioned Hitler!

Does the Sky Love the Clouds?

When Will a Tower Revolt Against Postmodernity?

Why Did Sirus Love Mexico City?

Mexico City Is a City of Love?

A Surrealist Hotel Kissed the Pedestrians!

Sirus Became a Prisoner of Ironic Modernity in Mexico City!

This photo of me was taken by my friend under my instructions and with my camera! I hope you’ll like it!

“Is Cubism Surrealist or Surrealism Is Cubist?” An Elephant asked a Lion!

Was an Ironic Heart Born Among the Ironic Columns?

She Desires the Roads, All Roads, the Lanes, All Lanes, the Sky, All Sky, and Nothing Less!

Capitalism × Humanity = Propaganda + Advertising × 2000!

A Road Passed from the Sea to the Sky!

To Be or Not to Be Night, that Is the Question according to Castro!

A Temple, Few Dragons, and Nothing Else!

Is there any Buddhist Marriage between the Elephants and the Dragons?

A Third Class Train Is Necessary for a Bohemian Traveler!

The Bells Are Dancing with the Temple!

“What Does Life Mean Among the Clouds’ Hands?” A Mother was asked by Her Son!

“Is there any Revolutionary Temple?” Engels asked Marx!

“Is there any Alternative to Religion’s Madness?” An Atheist asked God!

“Humanity Is Lost in a Dark Tunnel without Liberty and Justice.” A Rebellious Eagle Observed!

A Skyman Arrives at Emancipation when Sunshine Kisses His Mind!

“Is Loving the Sky a Religion for a Skyman?” Sirus thinks!

Why Does Sirus Love the Sky as a Skyman?

Does a Guru Need the Slaves or Acolytes?

Does Buddhism Abuse the Children?

Who Thinks about the Dog’s Solitude in a Temple?

Is Buddhism Green?

A Road for Nowhere, but a Girl Forever!

If he will find her one day, he will say all his suffering among her arms.

He Questions Himself: “When I Can Find a Street to Existential End?”

Buddha Surrounded by the Flowers!

A Horse Says: “I’m Tired of All Humanity, Modernity, and Postmodernity!”

“Is this Thai Capitalism?” Sirus asked the Thai King!

Are the Thai Models Fashionable?

Who Loves Thai Bazars Loves Thailand?

“Why Do the Buddhists Worship Buddha?” Questioned a Bohemian Traveler!

A Tattoo Lived during the Night Forever!

“Everywhere Is Coca-Cola, and Coca-Cola Is Everywhere!” Obama and Erdogan Proclaimed when kissing!

Is there Anybody to Recognize the Street Vendor’s Suffering during the Night?

“What Does 7 Mean in God’s Creation?” A Mad Man questioned God!

Are the Lights Sleeping during the Night?

“Who Is Waiting for the Night at End of an Alley?” Asked an Alone Wolf!

Is the Night the Roots of All Human Happiness and Suffering?

The Nights Were Calm in Chiangmai!

Who Loves Bicycles?

Is Buddha Jailed by Two Cars?

“Let the Night Bring Us to the End of Our Suffering, Solitude, and Death!” God ordered!

“Is Eating Burgers Sexy?” A Mullah was asked by a Secular Man!

There Is a Bridge between Reality and Illusion in Human Mind.

There was a man in his mind a woman loved him!

What Is the Legitimacy of Being a Dragon?

When Will Buddhas Go to Sleep?

Dragons + Temples = Buddhism!

The Buddhist Dragons Are Crying for Humanity!

Where Does Buddha Go?

If we could calculate the quantity and quality of all human violence against itself and nature as well, we would recognize that humanity is nothing but an evil.

Why a Tower Is Dark in a Sunny Day?

Two Loved Birds Fly Over a Crossroad!

Crossroad and Traffic Lights Constitute Existence, All Existence!

“Postmodernity Was Born at the End of Modernity”! A Prophet Proclaimed!

Life Is Dark, All Dark, for Some People.

A Tower of Pisa Was Alone Among the Skyscrapers!

Who Loves a Road to Nowhere Is Nowhere!

She Dreams of a Road to Nowhere Where She Is There!

A Cubist Street Goes Towards the Skyline!

Two Married Towers Are Making Love in a Crossroad!

Sirus Desires a Surrealist Tower Whereby He Flies to Other Planets!

A Happy Tower Traveled to the Sky to Play with the Clouds!

A Woman Takes Care of the Abandoned Bicycles!

“Did Buddha Love Cooking?” Asked a Hippie Traveler!

Two Birds Could Finally Escape from the Skyscrapers’ Hands!

Does an Ironic Circle Exist Among the Escalators?

A Girl Asked a Tower to Return Her Heart!

A Heart Deeply Cried: “Oh the Pedestrians, why You Don’t See Each Other?”

A Man Was Worried about Modern Cruelty in the Skyline of a Crossroad.

“Is there any Humanity Amongst the Skyscrapers?” A Mother was asked by Her Daughter.

“Do the Dragons Protect the Buddhist Temples?” Buddha questioned Cyrus the Great!

A Loved Temple by the Trees!

“Is Gandhi an Idol?” God cried!

Humanity has not only “Divine Idols” like God and Allah, but also “Political Idols” like Gandhi and Kennedy.

A Prisoner Was Tortured and Executed in Scott Library’s Death Row!

They Had Sex in an Academic Tunnel!

Who Will Love a Walking Woman in a Dark Corridor?

Does the Pathos of Existence Constitute the Shadow of Humanity?

Sirus Proclaimed: “To Be or Not to Be Governed, that Is the Existential Question.”

What Is the Relationship among Academia, Hospital, Factory, Prison, and Whorehouse?

Do the Machines Govern Humanity Amongst the Clouds?

Is there any Existential Shadow in Horizontal History?

Do the Trees Love Snow?

What Does Modernity Mean?

Are the Lights Kissing Each Other Alongside the Skyline in a Corridor?

“Does the Pedestrian Walk for Humanity?” Gaddafi asked Sarkozy!

“I Need a Window Throughout Which I Can See My Existential Happiness!” Sirus thinks!

Do the Trees Really Hate Humanity?

Is there any Hot Heart in a Frozen Winter?

“There Is No Light at the End of Your Existential Tunnel!” A Mullah told a Marxist!

“Is a Sexy Girl a Night Girl?” Asked a Revolted Man!

Is there any Light in a Dark Night?!

A Serial Killer Wanted to Know the Relationship between a Prison and a Library!

He’ll Be Happy when the Lights Love the Staires!

Sirus Loves the Night, but the Night also Loves Sirus?

What Do the Buddhist Signs Mean?

Who Is at the End of a Vertical Line? Angela asked Sirus!

“Is My Existence Doomed to Misery or Misery Is Doomed to My Existence?” Destiny was asked by a Man.

What Will Appear at the End of Construction?

Are the Bicycles and Pedestrians Excluded from Postmodernity?

Will the Modern Dragons Dance with the Towers?

Do the Angels Turn Right?

Do the Modern Dragons Find their Freedom Alongside the Sky?

A Highway Became a Wolf in a Girl’s Mind!

“Are the Traffic Lights Sacred?” Khomeini asked the Islamic Revolutionaries!

A Lady Questioned Her Lover: “Can You Kiss Me Among the Skyscrapers’ Hands?”

Can the Towers Kiss Each Other?

Who Loves the Black and White Windows?

There Existed Some Windows Dreaming of Flight!

A Pedestrian Was Waiting for Liberty Amongst the Buildings!

Her Heart Becomes Sacred when the Lanes Embrace the Crossroad.

“Does any Highway Return Me to the Sky?” Asked an Angel when crying!

A Girl Was Secretly Loved in a Corridor!

Will the Lanes Eat the Drivers?

Is there any Road Alongside Machine?

Sirus asked: “Is Photography Dangerous?”

Is a Crossroad Going to Kiss Some Signs?

Is Academia Really a Cradle of Freedom?

Who Designs Academic Dictatorship?

“Who Can Smoke in York University’s Death Row?” Mao asked Law Dean Sossin!

Sirus Questioned Socrates: “Where Is My Liberty in this Blasted World?”

Where Is an Emancipatory Light?

A Student Cried: “I Don’t Want to Be a Capitalist Slave!”

Are the Postmodern Students Nothing but Postmodern Slaves?

Is Life Nothing but a Prison?

Is Sirus Looking Forward to Finding an Existential Escalator?

Will the Signs Dance with the Wind?

“Is there any Stadium in Hell?” God asked Satan!

A Happy Girl Cried: “Will I Be Reborn in a Crossroad?”

Who Loves Sex at the Heart of a Crossroad?

Who Is Right Turns Right?

Which One Is the First: Nature or Modernity?

Has Humanity Created the Crossroads for the Cars or the Cars for the Crossroads?

Who Loves the Windows in a Sunny Day?

This is an Alley where Sirus Was a Tourist Refugee!

Does Buddhism Mean Begging and Worshiping?

Was Buddha a King with a Big Kingdom?

Did Buddha Love Photography?!

Why Sukhothai’s Tourists Are Charming?

Who Flies Over a Divine Triangle?

Is Buddha Tired of Sitting?

Does Buddha Desire Worship?

Do the Traditional Houses and the Temples Love Each other?

Is a Black and White House Sexy?

Who Can Make Love Inside the Old Buses?

Sirus Consulted Buddha: “Is there any Bus for Nirvana?”

Does a Bus Stop at the End of Nowhere?

A Girl Asked Her Lover: “Is there any River on which My Heart Can Float?”

A Man Could Escape from Existential Misery by a Buddhist Door!

Buddha Asked Sirus: “Why You Aren’t a Buddhist?”!

God Asked Sirus: “Why Have They Become Buddhist Gurus?”!

Do the Temples Grow Up Parallel to Buddhism?

Are the Windows the Illegitimate Children of Wall Street?

Will the Buddhist Cocks Fight Against Each Other for the Thai King’s Glory?

Is Thailand a Country of Royalist Propaganda?

Is Thai Architecture Beautiful in Black and White?

Do the Windows Love the Wall?

Is there any River for the Lovers?

Who Loves Sex in a Dark House?

Will the Railways Meet the Sky Alongside the Skyline?

Who Can Stop at the Beginning of Life?

Why Human Existence Is Full of Systematic Cruelties and Lies?

Is this a Prison or a Library? Khamenei asked Trump!

Will the Palms Dance with Postmodernity?

The Railways Get the Bridges Pregnant! Amen!

Existence Is Nothing but a Bridge between Birth and Death!

Isn’t a Temple Finally a Prison of Mind?

Is a Horizontal River Human?

Is there any Existential Bridge Alongside the Skyline?

Is there any River Kissing the Clouds?

Is there any Relationship between Turning Left and the Clouds?

Which Cock Will Escape from the Buddhist Circle?

Can the Night Revolt Against the Day?

Is the Night Sexy?

Who Desires Harley-Davidson at Night?

Who Desires the Night Alongside the Skyline?

Who Desires a Dark House?

Who Will Cry for the Solitude of the Night?

Can the Night Absorb Human Suffering?

Sirus Loves the Night Where His Mind Flies Alongside the Sky!

Who Loves Night Loves Life?

Do the Windows Go Alongside the Night?

Is there any Shadow Taking the Escalators

Are the Columns Sexier in the Night?

Who Are the Pedestrians in a Sexy Night?

Who Will Be on the Benches on the Night?

Trudeau Said to Khomeini: “This is a Canadian and Modern Temple!”

Night Says to Sirus: “The Stairs Dance with the Stars in the Skyline!”

Have the Walls Jailed the Windows?

Does Snow Freeze Torontonian Lanes?

Hidden Genocide + Covert Racism + Omnipresent Propaganda = Canada

“Is Snow Colder at Night?” Cried a Law Professor!

“Is Life Darker at Night?” Asked a Philosopher!

“Who Turns Right at Night?” A Singer asked a Criminologist!

Loving the Night Means Loving Life?

Does the Night Glorify the Misery of Existence?

A Man who Lives in the Night Stays Alone.

God: “Can a Modern Man Find His Happiness Amongst Crossroad, Traffic Lights, and Power Lines?”

Merkel and Putin: “Who Stops for the Pedestrians in a Cold Night?”

Grapes, Oranges, Money, Capitalism, … Life?

Is an Army of Lights Going to Fight Against Darkness?

When Will His Existential Suffering Finish?

Who Loves Existential Darkness Based on Injustice?

Dante: “Who Is Waiting for the Bus in a Frozen Night?”!

Why Education Isn’t a Right but a Privilege?

A Man Parallel to Existence!

Marx: “All Railways Are Nothing but the Means of Producing Solitude?”!

Does the Train Love the Passangers?

Are all Lines and Lanes Going to Pattaya?

Who Are the Passengers of a Third Class Train to Pattaya?

Who Cares about the Misery of Human Beings Close to the Railways?

Were the Clouds Born at the End of an Alley?

He Wanted the Night, All Night, Forever!

Is there any Justice, Liberty, or Peace in a Dark Impasse?

Are the Railways Going to Horizontally Kiss the Mountain in Pattaya?

Allah: “Is Buddhism Another Opium of the People?”!

Who Understands Human Solitude at the Heart of an Ironic Heart?

A Girl and Her Boyfriend Struggled to Fight Against Postmodernity!

Who Loves the Nights in Hot Pattaya?

Do Tigers Love Human Bars?

Hot, Love, Night, Light, or Pattaya?

Because She Was Tired of Postmodernity, She Came Back to Modernity!

A Girl Who Hated Signs Danced with Eagles!

A Boy Kissed the Clouds Throughout His Existential Lines!

The Lines and Lanes Married for Meeting Sunshine!

Who Were Waiting for Human Beauty in a Bus Stop?

Will the Ironic Dragons Horizontally Attack the City?

“Where Is Sociality in a Big City?” The Church cried!

“Has God Been Killed by the Modern Towers?” Imam Ali asked.

A Happy Mom: “Are the Pedestrians Sexy?”

A Philosopher: “Where Is Human Dignity Amongst the Orders and Signs of Interdict and Stop?”

What Does Human Life Mean in Front of the State’s Orders?

What Will Be the Future of a Big City?

A Dark City Swallowed a Railway!

A Woman who Went to the Heart of a Dark City Died Young!

When the Cars Will Dance Salsa with the Pedestrians?

Who Loves a Golden River in Paradise?

Towers, Advertising, Propaganda, Consumption, and Pollution, What Else Means Humanity?

“Mom, what does Postmodernity mean?” A Boy asked!

“Mom, when will the Circle of Existence End?” A Girl asked!

Who Will Recognize the Existence of Birds at the Heart of a Dark City?

Who Will Recognize the Existence of Walking Individuals at the Heart of a Dark City?

Where Does Humanity Go? West or East?

Do the Cars, Pedestrians, Lines, and Lanes Dance Horizontally?

A Wiseman Saw an Army of Umbrellas!

Do the Cars Dance with the Trees on the Lanes of Horizon?

“An Alone Bench Cries for the Solitude of Jungle!” A Boy dreamed!

Does an Army of Cars Go to Fight Against Divine Power?

Crossroad, Traffic Lights, Cars, and Sidewalk Are the Sickness of Postmodernity?

Does Human Salvation Start by Turning Right?

A Mad Photographer Became a Lover of the Crossroads!

Do the Cars Boil from a Modern Heart?

Long Live an Alone Pedestrian in Black and White!

They rented a Space Shuttle to Find their Love!

He Doesn’t Like to Die Among the Hands of the Towers!

An Iron Dragon Was Born at the Heart of a Triple Deity!

Where Does a Blonde Cyclist Go?

Is a Modern Man Happy?

Where Does a Skyscraper Eventually Go?

A Line Decided to Go to the End of Life!

Does the Line Marry the Lanes to Meet the Horizon?

Who Is Waiting for a Hopeless Individual at the End of an Existential Corridor?

A Man Against Life Suffers!

Towers, Skyscrapers, Pedestrians, Darkness, Unknown, …, Life?

Are the Pedestrians Happy with the Police?

Are the Policemen Governmental Wild Dogs?

Always Crossroad, Always Postmodernity!

Can those who are so happy feel the sadness of life?

Will the Skyscrapers Finally Eat the Signs?

The Crossroads, Cars, Sidewalks, Traffic Lights,…, so what?

Why the Drivers Are Unknown in Postmodernity?

Who Knows the Solitude of Humanity Amongst the Skyscrapers?

A Road Wanted to Kiss the Pedestrians Throughout the Skyscrapers’ Legs!

She’s Crying for Whom?

Those who Love Liberty Love a Road to Nowhere?

Lines, Lanes, Roads, Towers, Existence, …, what does Photography mean?

What does the City Hide at Its Heart?

“Will a Gas Station Burn a Tower at the Heart of a Broken Heart?” Asked a depressed girl!

A Woman: “All Windows and Doors, when You Will Disappear?”

Do the Cars Love the Roads or the Roads Love the Cars?

Who Are the Masses?

A Wild Cat: “What Does a Construction Site Mean?”

“Who Is Waiting for Whom?” Mohammed asked God!

Do the People Worship the Streets or the Streets Worship God?

Who Are the Winners of Existence?

Yonge Street, Internet, Elephant, or Human Tragedy?

Propaganda, Marketing, Business, Advertising, Capitalism, Imagination, or Reality?

A Girl Asked Her Lover: “What Is the Essence of Life Amongst the Masses?”

Who Knows the Existential Resistance to Postmodernity?

Who Is Crying for the Solitude of the Towers at the Bottom of the Towers?

Are they Pedestrians or Postmodern Slaves?

Where Is Light Among the Pedestrians?

Where Do the Lanes and Lines Go in a Dark City?

What Is the Reality of Life: Tower, Skyscraper, Tree, Window, Modernity, or Postmodernity?

What Is Female Dignity: Advertising, Propaganda, Business, Marketing, Sex, Revolution, or Religion?

Where Is an Exit in a Complex Life?

Where Are the Escalators for Existential Emancipation?

Bashar al-Assad: “Don’t Enter into My Kingdom!”!!

Sirus: “Is there any Road to Happiness in a Dark City?”

Flowers, Love, Sex, Fashion, …, what’s Life?

His Philosophical Tramway Has already Disappeared!

Is Eating Ice Cream a Political Revolution?

Justin Trudeau’s Organized Gang: “Is Man a Postmodern and Wild Animal?”

Is Canada a Rich and Just Country?

“All Governors Live in the Castles!” A Homeless Prostitute told Hillary and Bill Clinton!

An Impressionist Alley Kissed the Skyscrapers at the End of a Surrealist World!

“Who Loves Government?” A Mad Prophet asked a Stupid Governor!

Who Loves the State Loves Organized Crime?

A Dark City Has Imprisoned an Angel!

Is there any Hope Among the Towers?

Is Postmodern Salvation a Myth? Asked a Wild Horse!

What Is the Postmodern Goal of Existence?

Is Toronto a Happy and Democratic City?

Who Will Cry for a Dead Cyclist by Modernity?

Tor, Sex, Lie, Corruption, Cheat, Power, Propaganda, Capitalism, Exploitation, Racism, or Toronto?

Who Loves Modernity or Postmodernity in Black and White?

“Are the Drivers Wise?” Stalin asked Trump!

Hegel: “Do the Pedestrians Make Love with the Towers?”!

Modernism, Postmodernism, Surrealism, Cubism, or Communism?

“Can Humanity Survive Without Street Restaurants?” A Pig asked!

“Have Sex in a Black and White Crossroad!” The Church orders!

An Imam: “Love Between Two Bicycles Is a Sin!”

Is Banking Organizing Robbery?

A Road Forever!

A Road Wanted to Kiss the Trees in the Lanes of Existence!

Lanes, Lines, Horizon, Skylines, Sky, Clouds, or Eternity?

Are the Cars Human Renaissance?

Does Human Happiness Depend on the Happiness of Trees?

The Crossroads Start when Humans Stop?

“Does Tim Hortons Symbolize Canadian Culture or Canadian Capitalism?” Asked a Homeless Man!

Will the Pedestrians Disappear in an Endless Road?

A Mother: “The Lines and the Lanes, But Nothing More!”

Will the Lanes Play with the Building?

Sirus: “My Photography Starts when My Poems Stop!”

“Let Us Be Happy Without Any Government!” Said a Revolted Girl!

“Is there any Mental Hospital for State Criminals or for Us?” Bush asked Blair!

Where Does a Crossroad Man Exist?

Who Loves an Abandoned Sofa?

Who Wants to Grow Up in Eternity?

Where Does Humanity Go?

Will the Modern Dragons and the Clouds Eat Humanity in Black and White?

What Is the Maximum Speed in Humanity or Nature?

Sirus: “I Want the Night, All Night to Absorb Me in Its Endlessness!

Is there any Existential Tunnel for Humanity in Black and White?

Is there any Light to Protect Human Beings Against their Dark Mind and Stony Heart?

Is there any Signal for the Bicycle in a Dark Night?

A Car Disappeared at the Heart of a Crossroad in a Dark Night!

A Man Became Pregnant in a Dark Night!

Is the Night an Endless Poem with a Dream?

Night, Light, Sex, Advertising, Capitalism, Imagination, Criminality, or Humanity?

“What Is the Philosophy of Night?” Plato was asked by Hegel!

Will the Night Come to Sing the Last Melody of Life with Us?

Night, Love, Revolution, Revolt, Anarchism, or Statism?

“A Left Sign Is a Marxist Sign?” Marx was asked by Trump!

Will the Armies of Lights and Cars Conquer the Night?

Do the Trees Make Love with the Clouds during the Night?

Will Humanity Finish with the Constitution Sites during the Night?

A Philosopher questioned a Charlatan: “Is the Night Mysterious?”!

Does Existence Need Advertising?

Has Existence Become Nothing but a Big Parking Lot?

A Sexy Boy: “Are the Cars Modern and Wild Animals?”!

A Prostitute: “Who Loves Night Life?”

Sirus: “Is there any Existential Meaning in Black and White Photography?”

A Sad Man: “Dear Night, You’re All My Life!”

A Hidden Moon Means Love?

Who Will Say ‘Hi’ to the Night Pedestrians? ?

Is Capitalism Stronger during the Night?

She Lost Her Heart at the Heart of the Night!

Is Humanity Doomed to Pollution and Dirty Existence?

Is the Night an End of Light?

Power Lines, Modern Dragons, Pedestrians, Bicycles, Crossroads, Life, or Existence?

Genocide, Racism, Discrimination, White Supremacy, Propaganda, Toronto, or Canada?

The Lines and Lanes Have Been Lost at Night!

A Baby Einstein: “What Is Behind the Wall?”

Maradona: “The Modern Dragons Will Come, Will Come, Be Careful!”

What Does Life Mean: Sex, Power, Modern Dragons, Postmodernity, Corruption, Towers, or BW?

Will the Modern Dragons Eat the Buildings?

What Is the Surrealist Life of a Crossroad in a Cubist Night?

Is Academia another Form of Propaganda, Racism, and Organized Crime?

A Dirty Dean: “Is a Circle Snake Going to Eat a Slave Student?”!

What do the Slaves Eat in an Academic Corporation?

The Scholastic Godfather: “Are the Slaves Ready to Die for the Academic Corporations?”

Are the Academic Slaves Walking in a Death Row?

A Scholastic Tunnel Is Basically a Dark Impasse?

An Idol: “God Will Come with the Night to Kiss Your Heart!”

A Child: “Let the Night Bring Us to Our Innocent Childhood!”

Why does the Night Exist? What Is Its Essence?

Who Loves the Nights and Lights for Her/His Liberty?

Is Liberty Possible without Light?

What does the Night in Black and White Photography Mean?

A Man Was Looking for an Escalator to Find His Love in the Sky!

Who Is Ready for the Night without Light?

Will the Academic Slaves Eventually Revolt?

Do a Bench, a Girl, Love, some Trees, and Romanticism Mean Life?

“A Surrealist Restaurant Can Be Cubist?” Castro asked Obama!

Is Life an Explosion of Light at the Heart of Endless Identity?

Is there any Green Energy at Night?

What Is the Value of Life in an Academic Death Row?

A Governor asked a Donkey: “Is there any Exit at Night?”!

Is the Night Capitalist?

Do the Windows Love the Night?

Sirus: “Vive la Nuit! Vive la Nuit!”

What Is Existential Night in an Endless Imagination?

Do the Traffic Lights Make Love with the Cars during the Night?

Do the Pedestrians Love Each Other Amongst the Traffic Lights?

Where Do the Directions Go in BW?

Do the Trees Like Autumn?

Will the Next Generation of Governors Be Made by the Modern Dragons and the Traffic Lights?

Is there any Bridge Going to the End of the Night?

Who Are the New Gladiators in a Night Crossroad?

Who Are the Night Pedestrians?

Dean Sossin: “Is there any Night God Having Sex with a Night Goddess?”!

Where Are the Night Points without Lights?

Is Capitalism Surrealist or Cubist?

Does a White Horse Suffer from Human Injustice?

A Gentleman: “Oh Modern Dragons, Will You Bring Me to Postmodern Hell?”!

A Surrealist Anarchist told a Capitalist Marxist: “Humanity Will Destroy All Construction!”

Socialist Shakespeare: “To Be or Not to Be Leftist, that is the question!”

Do the Pedestrians Know what is at the End of the Sidewalk?

Russell: “Has Humanity Recognized the Solitude of Motorcycles?”!

Are the Crossroads Sexier in Black and White?!

The Gangs of Trudeau and Harper: “Will the Modern Dragons Attack Toronto?”!

The Accompanied Railcars by the Modern Dragons in BW!

The Danced Railways with the Modern Dragons!

A Loved Walking Woman by a BW Crossroad!

Why Do the Philosophers Live in Their Ivory Towers?” Asked Satan!

Are the Buildings Free from Postmodernity?

A Dictator: “Is there any Building to Keep the Mad Professors Forever?”!

Khomeini: “Is there any Fascist Tower for the Lawyers?”!

Adam Smith: “Is Freedom Possible in a Postmodern City in BW?”!

Will the Towers Love Humanity?

McDonald’s: “Will Revolution Come with a Tramway?”!

Is Postmodern BW Surrealist?

Is a Cubist Pedestrian a Lover of the Postmodern Towers?

Is the Moon Going to Dance with the Modern Dragons in BW?

The Modern Dragons Are Mobilized at the Heart of a Crossroad!

Where Is Human Place Amongst the Machines and Buildings?

Are the Cars in the line of Conquering Humanity?

“What Does Humanity Mean: Few General Hospitals vs Countless Cars?” Asked a Poor Woman!

Two Lovers Have Found Their Love Again in a BW Crossroad!

Do the Drivers Want to Make Love with the Lanes in a Crossroad?

The Night, Love, Cars, Parking, or Solitude?

Can the Night Cover the Misery of Existence?

Is the Night a Surrealist Imagination without End?

Sirus: “My Imagination Will Be Reborn when the Night Comes to My Mind!”

Let the Night Bring Us to the End of Our Beauty!

Who Loves Imagination?

Do the Pedestrians Pass the Night?

Does the Night Sleep during the Day?

Who Is Sleepless during the Night?

Who Is Waiting for Love at the End of a Night Impasse?

Do the Lions Sleep at Night?

Is the Night a Cover for All Human and Natural Cruelties?

A Girl: “We Will Reborn at the Heart of a Night Heart!”

The Houses Are the Gatekeepers of Lights at Night?

Does an Army of Stairs and Houses Go Alongside the Night?

Can the Buildings Sleep during the Night?

A Boy: “Oh the Night, when You’ll Kiss My Eyes?”

A Car at the Heart of the Night!

Are the Traffic Lights Happy with the Night?

“Are the Lights Revolutionary Animals at Night?” Stalin asked Lenin!

“Does any Sunset Exist in BW?” A BW Photographer asked an Existential Philosopher!

Sirus: “Who Has a Panoramic Look at Existence Will Become Eternal!”

Is Postmodernity Panoramic?

An Idol: “A Night Will Pass All Obstacles to Find Your Sexuality!”

“Will My Photos,” Sirus said, “Be Reborn in Obscurity?”

Does Postmodern Photography Result in Simple BW?

Jesus: “God Is Reduced to One Lane at Night!”

“BW Photography Is”, a Sexy Girl said, “Sensual!”

“All My Power of Poetry,” Sirus thinks, “Will Become Explosive by the Night!”

A Pedestrian Was Lost Alongside the Night!

Why the Benches Feel Alone during the Night?

Is Humanity Doomed More and More to Stop Signs and Interdiction?

What Is the Fate of the Prisoners during the Night?

When Interdiction Finishes Liberty Will Start?

Will the Lights Finally Overcome Human Darkness?

Does the Night Suffer?

The Stop Signs Are Exclusively for the Poor!

York University, Apartheid, Prison, Propaganda, Factory, Drugs, Alcohol, or Simply Sex?

Is the Night Equal to Everyone who Loves Love?

A Bus Tried to Take the Night with Itself!

Does Love Exist during the Night?

A Law Professor: “My Slaves or Students Are Free at Night!”

Have the Crossroads Become the Modern Snakes Hunting the Pedestrians?

Modernity told Postmodernity: “I’ll Come Again!”

Will the Traffic Lights Revolt Against the Crossroads?

Does any Humanity Exist in Urbanism?

Will Liberty Come Back to Postmodernity?

Human Madness Has Already Started by Dancing Amongst the Skyscrapers!

Will a Music in a Road Be Beautiful?

We Sometimes Need a Road Alongside the Sky!

Is this a Road to the End of Clouds?

A BW City Was Lost Alongside a Road!

Who Loves the Lights Alongside the Nights?

A Walking Man at the Heart of Machines, Modernity, and Postmodernity!

Will Advertising, Marketing, and Pollution Kill Existence?

Are the Buildings Watching the Cars?

Will the Modern Dragons Leave Humanity?

When Will He Be Free From All Nights?

Are the Night and Its Lights Surrealist?

Do the Windows Suffer from the Night without Lights?

A Bohemian Traveler: When Poetry Stops, the Night Will Start!

Will Existence Finally Become a Nocturnal Nothingness?

What Is at the End of an Obscure Adventure?

All Lights Will Become an Illusion at the End of the Night?

Are the Modern Buildings Nothing but the New Prisons?

Does the City Absorb All Human Suffering?

She’ll Finish with All Things in a Night!

A Night House Is an Existential Shadow?

Is the Night Symbolizing Liberty at the Heart of Scholastic Slavery?

A Horse: “Remember Love in a Sidewalk Towards the Night!”

Do the Stop Signs Sleep during the Night?

Does an Alone Car Feel Solitude during the Night?

Will the Night Come Back to Her Heart?

Is there any Car Alongside the Lights?

Is Human Life Nothing but Some Crazy Signs?

Sirus: “Am I a Night Photographer?”

Is a Panoramic Photography Reflecting Night Beauty?

An Existential Woman: “My All Existence Is Nothing but a Night Dream!”

Sirus: “Oh Night, Do I Love You only for Photography?”

A Broken Heart: Is there any Love at the Angle of Night?

A Night Crossroad Fell in Love with a Car!

A Turn Right Sign Was Alone Alongside an Endless Night!

Are the Night Points Going to Kiss the Traffic Lights?

Is Capitalism a Just and Human System?

A Suffered Man: “Oh Night, Please Calm My All Pains Down!”

All Frustrating Life during the Day Becomes Terrible at Night.

Some Pedestrians Were Waiting for Night Sex with Signs!

Sirus Was Lost Among the Lines but Alongside the Night!

A Sidewalk Passed Heart Mind in a Night Crossroad!

Is there any Construction at Night?

Are the Sidewalks Waiting for the Crossroads at Night?

God: Are the Poor Condemned to Use the Dirty Public Transportation? Amen!

A Night Line Brought God to Endless Darkness!

The Lines and the Lanes Were Night Friends!

Is the Night Eternal vs Human Mortality?

Are the Sidewalks Postmodern Slavery?

Is Jane Street a Black Ghetto of Toronto?

A Postmodern Baby Was Born from a Modern Mother at the Heart of a Postmodern Crossroad!

Is Postmodernity Naturally Wild or Cruel?

“A Car in Need Is a Car Indeed?” Asked a King!

Do the Lights Expose Capitalism?

Is Humanity Going to Revolutionize the Night Crossroads?

Is Seneca College Nothing but a Corporation?

Is there any Girl Suffered by a Night Horizon?

Will the Lines Come to Liberate Humanity from Existential Cruelty at the End of the World?

God: “Be Happy, because You Buy and Sell Everything, including Love and Knowledge, by Capitalism!”

Is Night Vision Blurred?

Lenin: “The Revolution Will Start in a Night Crossroad Tomorrow!”

A Road to Nowhere and Nowhere to a Road!

Is Surrealism the Reality of Night?

Will Red Wine and Music Become a Night Revolution in a BW City?

Is the Moon a Night Queen?

Who Loves the Cubist Lights?

Are the Bright Points Symbolizing Spirituality?

Do the Shops Need the Night?

Will a Night Poem Become the Essence of Life?

Who Knows the Solitude of the Night Will Become Dead!

The Signs Feel so Alone to Separate!

The Last Night Music Will Be an Eternal Dance at the Heart of the Cosmos!

Is Life a Dark Sign Turned into Nonsense?

Let a Night Sidewalk Bring Us to the End of Our Dream!

Who Loves the Simple but Bright Points in BW?

A Lion: “Is Life an Endless Construction in BW?”

She Wanted a Night Road to Revolt!

Who Is Walking Alongside the Lights?

Does any Sacred Heart Exist at the Heart of the Night?

Were the Beautiful Pedestrians Waiting for Love in BW?

Will the Towers Eat the Drivers?

Is Canadian Healthcare Fundamentally Inhuman and Capitalist?

An Unknown Man: “Oh Night, Let Me Be Lost!”

Will the Night Come Back to Her Endless Dream? 

Trotsky: “Will the Modern Dragons Become the Masters of Crossroads?”!

The Modern Dragons Are Parading Alongside the Horizon!

The Night Crossroads Were Crying for the Death of Lights!

I took two photos that Google+ would make this panoramic photo! They realized thanks to my love of thinking and bicycling at Night, when I struggled to use and to learn manual mode! I was both surprised and frustrated by my own photographic problems at Night! Anyway, I’m not a professional photographer, despite my love of photographing! I think that my photography techniques are so simple or rudimentary!

What Is the Philosophy of Urbanism?

Mother Teresa: “Is Capitalism Surrealist? Or, Is Surrealism Capitalist?”!

Is there any Natural Emancipation Alongside Urbanization?

Who Loves to Be Directed by the Signs?

Will a Line Go Towards the Horizon?

Liberty Will Come into Existence when Poetry Becomes A Night Love!

Will the Signs Dance with an Existential Music Alongside the Modern Dragons?

Is Existence a Crossroad between Liberty and Slavery?

A Crossroad Passed the Sky Alongside the Lines!

A Bad Girl: Is Toronto a Big Factory Without Any Heart or Spirit but $?

Sirus: “Where Is a Railway to Bring Me to Nonexistence?”

What Is the Philosophy of Railway at the Mind of a Wild Boy?

Will the Signs Dance with the Road Alongside a Sexy Music?

Are the Night Pedestrians Happy with the Crossroads?

Do the Modern Dragons Love Dancing Tango with the Traffic Lights?

Will the Bicycles Walk Alongside the Pedestrians?

Do the Bicycles Go Around a Dark and Racist City?

Do the Iron Dragons Love Dancing in the Sky?

A Night Crossroad Was Alone in Its Panoramic Version!

A Panoramic Road Tried to Fly!

A Panoramic Dream Will Come to Bring You to Nowhere!

A Dictator Was … Alongside a Night Road!

The Simplicity of a Sign Can Sometimes Show All Complexity of Existence.

A Night Evolution Will Revolutionize Humanity!

All Sidewalks Will Be Free for Night Sex Tomorrow!

The Night Hopefully Loves Gender Equality

Long Live Liberty, Justice, Equality, and the Night!

A Broken Mind: Who Is the Night Lover?

Do Capitalism and Its Propaganda Need the Night?

A Man who Knows the Night Suffers from Injustice!

He Will Come Back to the Night to Retake His Mind!

Those Who Play Jazz Love a BW Road!

Is a Highway a Gate Towards Liberation or Pollution?

Do the Signs and Directions Make Humanity Wise?

The Lines Go Alongside the Road and Humanity Alongside Satan!

Will Human Beings Be Fed Up with Capitalism, Its Propaganda, and Corruption One Day?

A Suffered Animal: “Where Does Existence Finally Go?”

A BW Sign Alongside a Road Destroyed a Heart Forever!

A Surrealist Night Will Come to Liberate the Cubist Cars!

Will All Pedestrians Revolt Against All Nights Tomorrow?

Kant: Who Loves Sex Alongside the Night in a BW City?

Does a Line Go Towards Human Poverty?

Is there any Humanity in a Construction Site?

Let the Night Pass All Existence!

Are the Drivers Wild Horses?

An Army of Drivers Go to Fight Against the Night!

The Cars Danced Towards a Goddess with a Night Music!

A Highway for Nowhere but a Heart Forever!

An Empty Street Was Crying for the Cars!

Do the Female Pedestrians Love a Panoramic Crossroad?

Can the Night Absorb Postmodernity?

Will Calm Come with the Night?

A Road Escaped from the Night!

The Lines and the Traffic Lights Make Life!

Life Will Start if the Pedestrians Finish their Sidewalk!

Will Life Die at the Heart of a Crossroad Amongst the Traffic Lights?

Humanity: “Is Existence for Lease or Sale?”

A Car Became a Lover of a Girl!

Can a Man Be Nihilist but not Anarchist in a City?

Who Is Marginal, His Photos Are Also Marginalized!

Shall a Man Censor His Ideas at Night?

A Streetcar for Nowhere and Nowhere with a Streetcar!

A Streetcar Station Was a Modern Alternative to Love!

Who Loves the Nights Is Uncertain in Life!

Think about the Solitude of the Night when You’re Sad!

Love, Night, Sex, and Revolution!

Long Live Liberty at the Heart of the Night!

When Light Is Bright, Love Becomes Night!

Let the Night Come to Make Us Another Animal!

Who Can Fly Towards Imagination by a Night Mind?

A Night Road Brought Her to An Existential Mystery!

A Night Sign Suffered from Censorship!

Capitalism, Exploitation, Pollution, Manipulation, Revolution, Night, or Life?

Sirus: “When My Mind Has No Poem, the Night Will Kiss My Eyes!”

Does a Night Pedestrian Love Socialism?

She Fell Madly in Love with a Rainy Night Amongst Her Lovers’ Hands!

Satan: Is Humanity A Dreadful Garbage Disposal?

Do the Houses Make Love during the Night?

Night, Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, Violence, Censorship, or Academia?

Do the Ghosts Come Back only at Night?

Is Possible to Arrive at Emancipation by a Red Light?

She Became Free Again in a Beautiful Night!

Is the Night an Idealistic Identity?

Sirus the Great: An Absolute University Corrupts Absolutely!

Is there any Spirit at the Core of an Academic Crossroad?

Sirus: “To Have or Not to Have A Night Heart, that Is the Question!”

Will the Houses Finally Dance with the Black and White Lanes?

A Bridge Was Looking for Existence Alongside a Road!

Is there any Hope that Humanity Will Revolt Against Scholastic Capitalism and Corporations One Day?

A Large Heart Was Born at the Heart of a Black and White Crossroad!

Is Red Light Revolutionary?

Where a Pedestrian Can Finally Go in Postmodernity?

Why Do the Masses Worship the Iconic Athletes?

A Night Crossroad Is Liberty when Existence Becomes So Boring!

Will His Pains Become Nothing but a White Light?

Can Photography Liberate Him from All Existential Suffering?

A Tired Man: “Oh Lights, Bring Me Please to Non-Existence!”

Night, Light, Site, Flight, or Fight?

Does a Surrealist Light Kiss His Solitude?

He’ll Be Free from Suffering if a Red Light Comes to His Eyes!

Is a Western Man a Seasoned and Technologic Animal?

Can the Car Steal Our Surrealist Dream?

He Was Dreaming while His Life Became So Boring!

Is there any History of Red Light at Core of Liberty?

He Was Lost Amongst the Lines of a Highway of Madness!

A Highway for Nowhere and Nowhere for a Highway!

Is a Surrealist Cathedral Finally a Propagandist Institution?

Will Humanity Eventually Hate All Religions?

Is Religion a Surrealist Form of Madness?

Two Red and White Lights Escaped from the Misery of the Night!

Who Loves Being Lost Nowhere Loves Liberty?

She Loved a Night in a Sexy Highway!

Will His Pains Finish at the End of a Night Road?

A City Became His Torturer!

A Man Was Philosophizing on the Corner of an Existential Crossroad!

Who Loves a Panoramic Crossroad in Black and White?

Is there any Reality in Black and White Photography?

Does Capitalist Urbanization Mean Permanent and Wild Construction?

A Man Was Suffering for Hope at the Heart of a Night Crossroad!

Is a Fortress for Defending Humanity or Massacring Humanity?

Are the Pedestrians Happy in Black and White Photography?

Can a Cyclist Be Free at York University Factory? Asked a Girl!

Are all Signs the Prisoners of Humanity?

Is the Night Happy with Capitalist Academia?

What Does Existence Mean when Academia Becomes a Form of Prison?

A Life Was Born at the Heart of an Academic Death Row!

Who Loves the Pedestrians in a Rainy Day in a Prison?

The Powerlines Were Waiting for Torturing an Alone Man at the End of the Night!

A Man Wanted to Travel to Asia Throughout a Night Highway!

Where Is His Wish when All Existence Becomes Nothing but a Night Stairway Toward Hell?

A BW Tree Has Become a Prisoner of the Powerlines in Postmodernity!

Will the Roads Eventually Swallow the Cars by the Powerlines’ Complicity?

Sirus Witnessed a Road’s Surrealist Travel to the Sky Alongside Human Madness!

A BW Pedestrian Was Tired of His Existence at the Heart of Natural Cruelty in a Cloudy Day!

God: “All Power Lines Will Come to Kill Humanity and Nature by All Robots’ Complicity!” Amen!   

He Decided to Fly from a BW Highway to Non-Existence, All Non-Existence, Nothing but Non-Existence!

Does a Bridge Exist for Nowhere?

A BW Crossroad Was Falling in Love with a Night Girl!

Will the Modern Dragons Absorb Human Advertising at the Heart of Postmodernity?

A Passenger Was Lost Among the Lines of a Dead Life!

Will the Train Swallow the Passengers in a Postmodern Subway?

Is Life Nothing but a Soulless Train?

God: “Who Loves a Snowing Car?”

To Warm a Night Pedestrian during a Cold Winter Is an Existential Duty!

Is there Any Love in A Frozen Road?

A BW House Revolted Against Winter!

A BW House Dreamed of Hot in a Cold Winter!

Two Men Were Waiting for the Customers!

Is A Night Man A Suffering Man?

Who Doesn’t Care About Pigeons?

Who Doesn’t Like Simple but Lovely People?

I like the simple but nice people who are totally the opposite of the so-called intellectuals and Governors who are just producing more problems than solutions for all humanity and nature as well!

A Nice Police Officer in Hua Lamphong Railway Station

To my experience, the Thai Police Officers are much nicer and more modest – at least with the foreigners! – than the Canadian Police Officers who are hotly believing they are Gods or Hollywood Superstars!

A BW Road Brought Me Toward Endlessness when Kissing My Eyes!

Where is an endless road toward nonsense?

Does All Life Become BW Surrealism in A Cubist Road Amongst A Child’s Hands?

She Has Become a Buddhist at the Heart of A Modern Crossroad!

Is His Life Nothing but A BW Rainy Day?

A Hot Songkran Water Festival!

All beauty can be nothing but a beautiful Illusion? US President Donald John Trump is asked by the 14th Dalai Lama!

Is this Khaosan Road or the Paradise of Backpackers?

Does our happiness depend on the suffering of others?

Where Is An Airport to Nonexistence? A Depressed Pirate Asked a Pilot!

Can capitalism survive, exploit, manipulate, or destroy without State luxury?

A Man Was Looking Forward to Existence in A BW Corridor of Nonexistence!

A Senior Man Dreamed of Young Happiness While Death Was Nothing to Him!

Is Earth A Luxury Hotel for Few but A Miserable One for Many? Pope Francis asked President Trump!

Is Capitalist Exploitation A Joking Philosophy? Karl Marx was asked by Richard and Maurice McDonald!

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When human existence is rarely better than exploitation and slavery, in both traditional and modern forms, who is fervently struggling to defend or even to fight for justice, liberty, or equality? Who is accordingly struggling to design a white morality for all existence devouring all non-white existence as well, which is undoubtedly including Sirus Kashefi’s existence according to the whitish morality of White Canadian Legislator having really become White God for the entire world, in this theatrical or demagogic process made by so-called White Man for so-called human and natural rights?


Start on June 20, 2016, Toronto, 6.57 PM


Does the Conquest of Other Planets by So-Called Humanity Mean the Transfer of Human Systematic and Unlimited Cruelty and Corruption?

Due to the fact that so-called humanity (or, at least, one of its big parts called the United States of America) is doggedly struggling to conquer space, besides countless political, economic, and legal problems, a question comes to existence: does the human conquest of other planets mean the transfer of human systematic and unlimited violence and corruption? In other words, does the human conquest of space mean that human beings will transfer their existential problems (like the violence against and exploitation of all alive and non-alive identities) to other planets?      

Let me shortly answer this question by slightly emphasizing “the Donald John Trump Syndrome”, [1] just an atom of Government or State personality, throughout only two examples of his psychopathic tendencies as a US Presidential Candidate and President-elect: mass deportation and an apartheid wall. He has hotly been crusading against the illegal immigrants or nearly the 11,000,000 undocumented immigrants,[2] when the USA, as one of the biggest and bloodiest illegal immigrations during human history, is itself constructed on systematically destroying the Indians, occupying and plundering their territory, strengthened by its old and modern slavery and imperialism.[3] In his presidential-campaign announcement, he stigmatized Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and “drug dealers”.[4] He is also struggling to build a separation wall along the Mexico-US border and stop drug trafficking, which would nearly cost $100,000,000,000 to $300,000,000,000, while some architects have argued that its construction is hardly possible because of the physical challenges.[5] Without forgetting the huge human suffering of President Trump’s mass deportation and apartheid policy, Gitis and Collins have estimated the US Government would need to spend roughly $400,000,000,000 to $600,000,000,000 to address the 11.2,000,000 undocumented immigrants and prevent illegal immigration to the USA, which would accordingly shrink the labor force by 11,000,000 workers and decrease real GDP by $1.6,000,000,000,000.[6]

May I remind the readers of the fact that “until 1848 California, New Mexico and other portions of the Southwest were internationally recognized provinces of free Mexico, until the U.S. decided it wanted those provinces, declared war on Mexico, and stole them?[7] Can President Trump’s apartheid wall constitute another irony of bloody history reminding of the Mexican War (1846-1848) in which, as John S. Brown, Chief of Military History, stated, the US Government “added some one million square miles of territory, including what today are the states of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California, as well as portions of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada[8]?

If the USA has been nationally and internationally forced to somehow recognize its colonialism, imperialism, and genocide inside as well as outside its territory, it has never been judged and punished for its war crimes and crimes against humanity and the environment, since justice is not really for judging and punishing the strongest, but for destroying the weakest. This could be the opposite of Canada that has rarely wanted to recognize its crimes against the so-called First Nations and non-white immigrants or legally racialized as visible minorities. 

In reality, the earth, based on natural and human laws, is chock-full of institutionalized Mafias and systematic injustice, exploitation, and violence, while many human beings are struggling to beautify its ugly and cruel existence through countless hypocritical and demagogic theories and debates, deeply rooted in systematic lies, deceptions, brainwashing, and propaganda in all directions. The earth is, since time immemorial, functioning in accordance with the will of certain Almighty Godfathers/mothers that are mercilessly imposing their social, economic, and political rules upon all existence, nothing less than all. Humanity has however struggled to minimize this terrible reality by countless lies, myths, religions, idols, ideologies, names, symbols, mottoes, and emblems: God/Gods, Goddess/Goddesses, Yahweh, Allah, Marduk, Zeus, Nemesis, Ahura Mazda, “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” (la devise de la République française), “Peace, Independence, Democracy” (the national emblem of Laos), “Through Law to Justice” (Osgoode Hall Law School’s motto), the Statue of Liberty (Liberty Enlightening the World), Justice Bridge Legal Center, etc.

Paradoxically, any person who is frankly speaking about or claiming those abstract words or values (particularly, liberty, equality, fraternity, justice, liberty, and deep ecology) would be most probably regarded as naive, charlatanistic, or sentimentalist, if not absolutely stupid, in a world based on money and interest. I would nonetheless recognize that certain Governors and ultra-capitalists are fervently defending the protection of workers and poor people that they are maximally exploiting! For example, Trump, as a Presidential Candidate, did already signal that the rich “would see higher taxes under his administration, breaking with conservative orthodoxy and his own tax plan.[9] The Governors and ultra-capitalists’ defense of working and poor classes would unlikely concern themselves and their clans who are traditionally enjoying le cumul des mandats et emplois: President, Vice President, Senator, MP, Member of the European Parliament, Professor, lawyer, and so on.[10] Even a gang of Governmental or Official Plunderers and Criminals are tirelessly preaching the ethos and benefits of modesty and poverty to us, while they are lavishly living and despotically governing like Pharaoh and Stalin. For example, the most powerful clerical oligarchs or so-called Ayatollahs (i.e. Rubber Barons) are comfortably profiting from huge wealth stemmed from Mafia activities, war crimes and crimes against humanity and nature, such as Ali Hosseini Khamenei, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Abbas Vaez Tabasi or the so-called “Sultan of Khorasan”, Abolghasem Khazali Boroujerdi, and Mohammad Yazdi.[11] As Quaem Maquami argued, the Billionaire Mullahs are sucking the Iranian wealth like an Octavo and transmuting into a Spider-Man to save the Islamic Republic[12] or the Republic of Mullahs.

Human experience with the so-called discovery of certain continents in the “Age of Discovery” or the “Age of Exploration”, enforced by so-called the “white” and “civilized” man, could imply that the conquest of other planets could not be a real solution to countless human and environmental problems like violence, criminality, governance, exploitation, corruption, property, inequality, poverty, starvation, inflation, joblessness, homelessness, housing, immigration, prostitution, religion, and pollution. The Age of Mass Violence or the Age of Mass Colonialism, Mercantilism, Imperialism, Murder, Slavery, Usurpation, Occupation, and Plunder has indeed provided a minority of individuals and their castes with a great opportunity of enslaving and exploiting huge human, aboriginal as well as immigrant, and nonhuman resources as a commodity in accordance with their mercantilist mind and capitalist behavior. Some intellectuals and politicians have accordingly come into existence to absolutely rationalize, justify, banalize, or legalize, according to circumstances, all forms of violence against and exploitation of humans and nonhumans in the name of rationality, naturality, academicity, or legality. In this case, the USA, Canada, and Australia are three classic examples of genocide and plunder, either rationalized (e.g., so-called “scientific racism”) or legalized (e.g., the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 in the USA and the Residential Schools in Canada).[13] Those resources are not actually accessible to all individuals, rather to a bunch of wealthy and powerful individuals and their gangs. For instance, although the USA and Canada own huge stolen territories from the aboriginals, they estimate that 750,000 people are homeless in the USA and 200,000 to 300,000 homeless people in Canada.[14]

For instance, if the conquest of the Americas could bring happiness, prosperity, peace, justice, democracy, clean and safe environment to all humans and nonhumans, or, in short, if it could guarantee existential dignity (the respect of humanity and nature), the conquest of other planets would do the same. The conquest of space would even lead to mass violence not only among the conquerors struggling for more powers and advantages, but also against the inhabitants of other planets in the case of extraterrestrial life. In the case of spatial conquest, the human history of war and conquest would repeat, which would provide another uncountable opportunity for a gang of politicians, intellectuals (particularly, philosophers), and legalists (law Professors, lawyers, prosecutors, and judges) to get richer through justifying, legalizing, and governing mass violence and pillage. In addition, they would most likely establish some complex and ideological systems to really or fictively manage or govern human attitudes resulting in war, genocide, plunder, frontier conflict, national and international inequality, pollution, and the extinction of animal and plant species, among many others catastrophes caused by humanity.

All in all, it seems to me that human beings’ conquest of space will unfortunately help them to transfer their existential catastrophes to other planets: the violence against and exploitation of all alive, including themselves, and non-alive things, misery, poverty, war, corruption, propaganda, brainwashing, etc. I sincerely hope that I have made a mistake in my conclusion insomuch as humanity would be able to guarantee existential dignity or a peaceful and respectful existence without or with extremely less violence against and exploitation of humans and nonhumans.


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November 15, 2016, Toronto, 4.22 PM; November 21, 2016, 1.05 AM; November 22, 2016, 1.15 AM

In Response to Professor Allan C. Hutchinson’s Veto of My PhD Thesis (Legal Anarchism: Does Existence Need to Be Regulated by the State?)

Date: December 8, 2014, 9 AM


I understand that you have met with Dayna Scott about your thesis.  As a result (and from my own meeting with Dayna), I wanted to share my own views with you.

I have no problem with your topic or your overall philosophical stance; it is important that graduate students feel free to pursue their own intellectual agendas and inclinations.  However, that said, I want to reiterate my view that, in its present state and style, I will not be able to certify it as ‘examinable’.  As you well know, the style and tone of the piece is not suitable for a doctoral thesis – at times, it reads as an outright rant.  I do not say this as a matter of academic nicety, but because it contains personal attacks on individuals and berates Osgoode in a vicious way.

Please let me know how you want to proceed in order to move the thesis forward (or not).

Regards, Hutch

Allan C. Hutchinson
Distinguished Research Professor
Osgoode Hall Law School
York University
T 416 736 5048


December 8, 2014, Toronto, 4 PM – December 10, 2014, Toronto, 12 PM

Dear Professor Allan Hutchinson,

I thank you very much for this email, which is, at least, more detailed and argumented than the last one, or any other one! Could this seem that a professor or a lawyer scarcely writes or talks in a detailed way, except when there are some academic or economic rewards by the markets? I shall thus defend my position with the following long and detailed arguments and questions, through expressing honestly while enjoying maybe the freedom of speech – is this only democratic power that I have in our society submerged in vertical authority symbiosized with hypocrisy? –, if it has not been buried in or incinerated by academia yet! Amen! Let me also congratulate you for Human Rights Day in which I could fully enjoy my rights and liberties, including the freedom of speech and democracy as well.

1) I am not really here to fight personally or irrationally, but to argue academically through my knowledge and experience, even though this could hurt or call into questions your authority and other great academicians’, including my Great Majesties (i.e. Osgoode Professors). Do I commit lèse majesté if I do it? Even if you could imply that I am “angry” or even “frustrated”, I have some arguments needing to be evaluated and criticized, but not simply rejected as “not suitable for a doctoral thesis”, which is unfair.

2) I have really criticized the systematic hierarchy, despotism, and corruption of academia (mostly because of inexistent democracy and transparency, especially in the law school, including Osgoode, in which they are curiously preaching democracy, transparency, and critical thinking to us!), rather than personally attacking some scholars who have really no originality in science or society, but mostly arrogance, self-confidence, or self-guard against any critique and change. I criticize them as “systematic Gods”, not as “mortal individuals”, who are struggling to govern us in the name of professorship, deanship, democracy, plurality, or diversity. I attack, if you please that I use this term instead of criticism, the system and not individual so that my individual examples are useful as long as they show the flaws of system rather than attacking private personality; I am not really busybody about the privacy of people as are the society and the journalists. In order to critically analyze any system, not just by some philosophical or abstract concepts but by certain concrete examples, I need to give some names of the leaders and governors strengthening my argumentation. You would like to judge it as “personal attacks on individuals” “in a vicious way”, this is up to you because you are free, but your judgement could likewise be personal and not necessarily objective or even academic. You could accuse me of what lacks you also: objectivity. When your name is explicitly or implicitly among those names, you could hardly remain independent or impartial as a supervisor. The same issue would appear regarding Osgoode and York University.

3) I do not really think that I am so personal in my criticizing the system, as you have almost totally discredited my thesis as unexaminable. I do not believe that this is a fair attitude or judgement. Am I, like all human beings, a “rational animal” so that I have presented and detailed my arguments against Osgoode as a “system” not as an “individual”, unlike what you have maybe struggled to show by some few words politely stigmatizing me as an angry or crazy man. It is frankly hard to see that you do not just like my “style” and “tone” because you regard them as “not suitable for a doctoral thesis”. I could do the same when it comes to your own judgement and writings, and almost to other scholars! In this case, I could also say, even hard to say or believe, you teach and write about “legal ethics” and “democracy”, when I need to send you almost always more than one emails to see your reply if I am lucky to see! There are several years that you do not really care about replying to my emails, questions, or demands, since you seem to be too busy with your business. I was consequently able to meet you only for few times with just few minutes during nearly 6 years of your supervisory. You have not actually shown any interest to read my writings during these years. I have honestly tried to show them to you and to discuss about them with you, but you have really been an “invisible supervisor”, as I am ironically a member of the “visible minority”! You have not given almost any detailed feedback that I could use in my thesis and other writings as well.

I could still remember well, when you were the Dean of FGS, I had an appointment with you, after waiting for nearly one hour, you did not be there at all, and even you did not articulate any apologize at all. I would like really to know how you could apply your own “conviction”, “teaching”, and “publication” of “democracy” and “ethics” to your own attitude with your students or those who are hierarchically inferior to you. In this case, either we should redefine legal ethics, or you should have a specific version of legal ethics based on personal, academic, lawyering, or political superiority or perception. If I was much less radical, activist, or anarchist (as some love to call me now) in France, but my French supervisor, Professor Bernard Bouloc, was much more accessible and open to discussion than you. Unlike you, he is not famous for teaching and preaching legal ethics, democracy, and plural interpretation to the law students at Sorbonne. As a result, I wish that you could apply to yourself what you teach: “ethical democracy”!

You are not unfortunately alone in this case, since some other Osgoode and York University graduate students have said me the same thing, absolutely the same. Not just me but many of students as well as professors know that your system embraces deeply certain ethical and academic problems, such as the supervisor-student relationship and the marginalization of the dissidents by denying them any workshop, conference, or publication. Nobody is however bold enough to say this, all are scared of your authority and power to deny or to reject a thesis, academic publication, application, professorship, etc. Your system has formerly scared any critical thinker by either imposing some academic sanctions or buying the silence (such as scholarship, fellowship, and the certification of “examinable”). Is not a form of “academic genocide” aiming at destroying all critical minds while producing only the academic slaves? My thesis has just tried to emphasize some of these problems, certainly connected to political authority which is the core of my questions. Does this imply “the Emperor’s New Clothes”? Could this let us laugh again at the academic Gods, including Osgoodian ones, because they could not be sacred as they struggle to prove?

Please, at least once in our life, think about the supervisor-student relationship at Osgoode and York University as well, this could not continue in this way if you are so worried about your both competitiveness and prestige in the scholastic markets in the neoliberal world. A look at the international ranking of these institutions maybe shows the mediocre place and structural dysfunction of what they are academically producing or cooking for us!

4) I have written many things about legal anarchism in my thesis that could be original, but they apparently have no value or are valueless to lead you to read my thesis in another way. It seems that you would like not to certify my thesis, just because of small parts analyzing critically Osgoode. In reality, my thesis contains nearly 450,000 words in the context and nearly 200,000 words in the footnotes, in which Osgoode has a small part. It seems to me that you would not really care about all my thesis arguments as well as six years of hardworking. I have really worked so hard on it, its huge bibliography and footnotes could only prove this, for instance. Your attitude could remind me of my experience in French scholastic system in which there exists an academic syndrome that I would like to call “not to read carefully all the context, but to fully criticize the form”! The form accordingly concerns the table of contents (a scared thing for the French professors) as well as the style and tone of writing, regardless of the length and the merits of a thesis. Those professors are mostly acculturated to reading (if they want to read or have time to do it!) only the abstracts and conclusions of a thesis in order to talk enthusiastically and to judge personally a thesis! For instance, during my thesis defense in Paris in 2005, I could realize that only professor Bouloc, my nice supervisor, had read my entire thesis! As far as you are concerned, I am not really sure that you have thoroughly read my thesis, especially the Chapter 4 that has almost nothing to do with Osgoode community or any other law school. All in all, you want to prevent my thesis defense as a whole because of a part of critiques addressing Osgoode! Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full?  

5) Despite all Osgoode talk about democracy, diversity, plurality, and critical thinking, why would not actually you like that I criticize your system so deeply by many arguments and proofs? If Osgoode could supposedly be “democratic” and “liberal”, what is wrong with my so-called “radicalism” or “activism”? Can my thesis ideas destroy Osgoode system? Is this what you could not appreciate? Am I just “angry” but Osgoode community is absolutely “democratic”, “nice”, “irreproachable”, and therefore without any problem? Could your prevention of my thesis defense show a gigantic and capitalist system, i.e. Osgoode, taking arms against a powerless and poor individual only reading “an outright rant”? Could this strengthen, once more again, my arguments against this system? Do not I just remind you of your own lessons about freedom, democracy, diversity, justice, and ethics? Does it bother when a student returns his lessons to his own professor?

6) Le me please be myself, and not what Osgoode expects me to be: to be or not to be oneself, that is the problem! If I had been born in a Western country or in a wealthy family elsewhere, I would not most probably have come to this law school and such a cold country, in which they rarely recognize any degree or experience more than US or British one, and to beg my doctoral thesis from Osgoode who thinks that it is our God or too good because it is Osgoode (i.e. “as good as God”)! I would not have come here to see the stigmatization of my ideas through personal attacks in a cruel way, while forcing me to accept my social, economic, academic, and political marginality, and to kiss poverty’s eyes in every minute of my life. You could know well, academia and particularly the law schools are relying on discrimination and the destruction of genius individuals, maybe including me. This is the fate of my thesis in this discriminative and destructive environment in a neoliberal world governed by the so-called invisible hand of the market. I call this “the force of nature”: paying the price of poverty and birthplace.

7) I indeed left Iran and immigrated to Canada to enjoy the liberty of being free and criticizing the authorities, especially political and scholastic ones, as I could and wish, but I have currently realized Osgoode’s prevention or even threat of this liberty by making its professors as divine as Ali Hosseini Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran. They kill, torture, and punish the opponents of leadership there, and they would threaten me by preventing my thesis defense and consequently my PhD title here. To criticize the Supreme Leader is equivalent to moharebeh (i.e. “enemy of God”) punished by torture and eventually death in Islamic Iran, while to criticize your system is comparable to “personal attacks on individuals” punished by, among others, lacking the certification of examinablity. What is eventually difference between their theocratic democracy and your liberal democracy? Could these systems be really different from each other when it comes to criticizing the system itself?

As the Mullahs are deciding about all aspects of existence, the academicians are doing the same thing, thanks to their power of certification or accreditation. As a result, we have no right, as mentioned in my thesis, to say anything that would violate the sacredness of academicians, because they have such a right of deciding about or vetoing a piece of writing. In this sense, a Professor looks like a Mullah, maybe gentle one but perhaps dictatorial one!

8) I may not be a good, conventional, or innocent student to satisfy your “academic”, “legalist”, or “scientific” “requirements” for defending my thesis, but you are not a perfect professor either. Everybody has her/his own disadvantages, if I voluntarily accept mines, I do not really think you would accept yours, due to your academic and lawyering position and power. In this case, you are supposedly and legitimately so objective professor to judge me as a subjective student who has dared to write with “as an outright rant”. I am not certainly a distinguished professor as you are, but, as a student, I cannot accept injustice imposed by whomever and whenever. At least I hope that I could well analyze and prove the harmful effects of power and authority on existence, including at Osgoode. They are some good news however. On the one hand, we, i.e. all non-academic or vicious individuals according to the conventional academic system or judgement, have our own power of revolting, even useless revolts at the beginning! History is full of useless revolts that would finally find some effects on the improvement of existence, such as animal movements and anti-racist movements. Our physical aspects of existence will undoubtedly die (e.g., my thesis defence), but our ideas will perhaps exist forever. On the other hand, if only a few percent of my critiques addressing your academic and lawyering systems were true, these systems would be in bankruptcy en chute libre, except if they really want to change drastically in order to embrace democracy, equality, liberty, morality, and transparency.

“All right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!” As far as I am concerned, I, as a very modest TA, would always accept the students’ critiques of my teaching and ideas, because I believe that everybody is right to say eye-to-eye her/his opinions and feelings as well, and if this hurts me, this is most probably my problem with ethics and democracy together, which you are teaching with great skills and experience everywhere. I’m hopefully neither God nor sacred!

9) I have read or, at least, scanned some of your writings that would seem to attack almost “personally” certain Gods, “in a vicious way”, as noticed already by not only some scholars but also your students! If you would like, I would have the pleasure to send you their opinions on your style and tone of writing, or just look please at Hutchinson, Allan – ( In this case, let me please give two examples implying that you have formerly violated a sacred form of authority in our society: “Heydon’ Seek: Looking for Law in all the Wrong Places,” Monash University Law Review, Vol. 29, No. 1, 2003, pp. 85-103; “Laughing at the Gods: Great Judges and How They Made the Common Law,” New York: Cambridge University Press, 2012.

Could you do it but I cannot do it? Am I wrong? Could any scholar dare to call you “angry” because of expressing your tough opinions on some judges or scholars (e.g., Ronald Myles Dworkin)? Could you do this because they were not your supervisors? Is this a “double standard” insomuch as it would be good for you as a supervisor but bad for me as a student? Your ideas are nonetheless academically, democratically, and warmly accepted and published or even worshipped by the mass media, while I have, as you have said, simply attacked personally individuals and berated “Osgoode in a vicious way” with “an outright rant”. Have you actually made Osgoode Professors my Gods? I have no right to criticize them? Why would you have an objective right to criticize any scholar that you please or dislike, when you would like to see my critiques as “personal attacks”? Would you think this is fair and just? Would you like merely to defend your colleagues against my heavily detailed and argumented analysis, proofs, and criticisms? Have the Professors become Gods or sacred so that I have no right to laugh at them as you entitled your book? Is my style and tone simply “vicious” or “unexaminable”? Would you simply call my thesis as an unacceptable piece because of my style? Could it however be a “specific style” that would not necessarily please your mind? Would you like to reduce all my analysis, proofs, and critiques to certain simple “personal problems”? Would you like to reduce the systematic problems to my individual problems? If I could not criticize those Godlike people (e.g., Our Very Honourable Dean Sossin, the King of all Kings who has never been selected in a democratic and transparent way), this could not mean the dictatorship of academia? Why could not you be apparently worried about my critiques of other scholars from other universities? May I ask you to say me please what would be wrong with your democratic and critical teaching when it comes to my style and tone? If you could carefully read my thesis, you would, most probably, realize that I have said almost nothing without arguments or proofs. Would you like therefore to discredit them as “personal attacks on individuals and berates Osgoode in a vicious way” yet? Is everybody very good and OK in Osgoode community, but I am only the source of problems? Could I prevent myself from criticizing Osgoode because it feeds poorly and sometimes discriminatively me?

10) Dear distinguished professor Hutchinson, I understand you and your colleagues very well, since you have taken part in and governed a big economic organization called Osgoode Hall Law School, certainly the biggest law school in Canada as always honourably defended by Osgoode community itself, for a long time. Could I dare to say “This is My Time”, which has currently become another York University’s tool of propaganda and advertising to be competitive and wealthy in the universal market, to criticize your system? In other words, you would struggle to preserve the status quo, because of your interests, when others, like me, want to question the results of this status bringing us more poverty and exploitation legally, academically, politically, economically, and culturally as well. Would it be a class struggle? In this sense, what would you like to do more than prohibiting my thesis defence by not certifying “it as ‘examinable’”? I think, you have a lot of power and authority in this case, but my ideas will survive to show an academic system seriously suffered from injustice and conservatism, despite all censorship, force, prohibition, prevention, or veto. It would reach the public around the world, as I hope, to observe how a system is deeply submerged in dysfunction and corruption, certainly strengthened by some political and economic elites with their invisible hands. What you are teaching at Osgoode and other law schools all over the world relies on a simple rule: Obey absolutely the rule, if not we will stigmatize, marginalize, or reject you by calling you an angry and vicious person. This is certainly a big tool to make any outsider or revolted student so quiet, but it doesn’t hopefully work always. The same goes for others who become “terrorists” for the governors and their journalists; these are politically terrorists and we are academically angry! History has shown us many examples of the revolted individuals who have escaped from this authoritarian rule for good as well as bad reasons!

11) You and I are from different generations and conditions of life; I suppose that you know just English, the common law, and some English countries, when I have struggled to live, study, and work in several cultures to realize how much existence treats and judges us differently as a result. You are a very well-established professor with a very good position and almost a defensive attitude toward any change or revolution. On the contrary, I am a so marginal and powerless individual who must suffer from a Canadian society that still regards legally me as a man from “non-white race”, which is exactly what they are teaching at Osgoode: the Employment Equity Act of 1995 opposing ironically the so-called UN norms of equality and equity! Who cares about this legal racism? Osgoode professors do not apparently care, because this is absolutely law! Amen! But I deeply care and protest as a result! You have huge power and authority in this society, so why should you agree with what I am saying? I understand – or at least I try to do my best in this case – the authority, hierarchy, power, and wealth of you and Osgoode community, because I understand your language, history, and culture, but if you want to understand what I write and say, you would live and learn in other countries, languages, and cultures so different from yours. This would not certainly be an easy task, but at least you would realize how much I have struggled to learn, to communicate, and to adapt in a high level called “PhD program” among the people who are traditionally and arrogantly regarding themselves as the “absolute source of knowledge and legal practice”. In this case, to become a radical, angry, or vicious person could come mostly from the force of nature, rather from a personal choice. I think that I have largely been touched by this force to deeply touch the system in turn! It could be as mortal as Icarus.

12) Due to the fact that you are known for admitting we have different interpretations regarding the law and history, you have your own ideas about my thesis that would not be necessarily shared by others. As a result, please let other people, such as professors Giudice and Stringham, say and decide about my thesis. You are just one person, even as my supervisor, with your own judgement. I criticize Osgoode and other law schools throughout my long observation and experience, so how you and Osgoode could be fair and independent when my analysis and criticisms concern directly your authority and job as well? How could you properly judge my thesis? It seems like an accused criticize the “jury” and “judge” as well, but how they can judge him yet? Could this be a form of conflict of interest?

13) As far as moving my thesis forward is concerned, I could see that you have proved that you have neither time nor desire to see my defense thesis, except when I would drastically change my writing and take all critiques of Osgoode off, which is certainly unacceptable for me because of the freedom of speech and other arguments developed here and in my thesis as well. If all individuals or groups must follow your fixed ideas, we will have a community of slaves, rather than free thinkers. It could also seem that you (“in order to move the thesis forward (or not)” (emphasized by me)), Osgoode, or even York University would be happy if I abandon either my thesis or my radicalism to keep your prestige and fame go forever, because you feel that your existence is in danger even by a powerless student in the lowest level of your hierarchy. If you would really like that I submit my thesis to your personal opinion, I would not like to do what you like; I can either resist or revolt. Why would not your system (i.e. Osgoode and York University) like to think about changing the way you govern the students? How many years would you like to or could resist new ideas by making them simply unacceptable? Is this not eventually a form of dictatorship? Why should I change when your system would not change itself at all?

14) I would like to think that my ideas are so deep or bold for your immature and undemocratic system, since they seem to be so radical. I would not unfortunately be either the first individual or the last one who has been prevented from defending his thesis or publishing his writings because of his critical thesis or not being able to move it forward: La Boétie’s Discourse on Voluntary Servitude, and so on. For instance, I read that a student was prevented from defending her thesis in an American university few decades ago, because she was openly a lesbian who defended the rights of homosexuals. What a shame! You would eventually prevent me from my second PhD title, but I prefer liberty even in its very precarious existence. You would want to force me to change my radicalism, but I resist, even the cost of my resistance is so high in terms of sociality, economics, politics, and academia: marginality and poverty, among others. In an unjust society and dead academia because of despotism and conservatism, we, marginalized individuals and students, have scarcely any option better than either revolting or resisting, not becoming slaves. As far as I am concerned, I love both, as showed by my thesis and other writings!

Almost all our so-called rights and liberties have been started by or indebted toward those who have fought against the status quo, especially against the law schools because of their extreme injustice, inequality, conservatism, sexism, discrimination, and even racism. For instance, the photos decorating the walls of Osgoode Hall Law School could modestly show some parts of these problems: white male people are mostly dominant. Could not I criticize this school yet because of being stigmatized by “angriness” and “personal attacks”? Does it really make sense for Osgoode? Osgoodian conservatism, as a system, has honestly made our world a real hell in which it defends any side that is strong enough to pay it well: war, sexism, capitalism, and so on. It could be better my thesis does not move forward through your supervisory, if my critique of professorship has already embraced your stigmatization so clearly but shortly. Without your certification, I would still remain a radical and activist human being firstly, and a doctor in law from Sorbonne (mention: very honorable with congratulations from the jury and publication prize) secondly, which could honestly be more prestigious than Osgoode that you would like to defend to the detriment of all my criticisms in a highly worked thesis and of destroying my second doctoral title.

15) I am going to finish a few remaining pages of thesis, and to know how Osgoode and York University will eventually want to treat me. If you would prevent my thesis or it could not move forward, I would only put it online in order to see others read and decide about some parts of truth and problems in academia related to the political and economic authorities. My thesis will either perish or find its merits and critiques as well. Let the next generations think about what you have done toward my thesis, and what I have done in our unjust society, in spite of my mediocre economic condition. Let them dream or decide about establishing a world much better than us because of more dignity, liberties, rights, equality, peace, and green ecology, since ours is too fixed and statist to accept change in this direction, as I have tried to defend in my thesis, in order to keep human and natural dignities alive as a result, all alive. Let my thesis help, even so modestly, the next generations to have more dignity, equality, democracy, and a clean environment that are terribly lacking my generation. Could my thesis generate a form of “Arab Spring” in academia as the death of a misfortunate but brave man, called Mohamed Bouazizi, put a nation into anger and revolution? Let see how history moves forward!

16) In the name of Justice, Liberty, Human and Natural Dignities, and defending those who have mercilessly been rejected, raped, tortured, humiliated, sent to prison, to gallows, draped into wage slavery and misery, enslaved, exploited, beaten, eaten, and polluted, partly or mostly because of the professors’ teaching and defense of the sacred law in all law schools around the world, I have become Radical in thought as well as in action. I was not honestly so radical when I started Osgoode PhD program, but my observation and knowledge mingled with the force of nature and society pushed me toward this direction!

Long live liberty and Existential Dignity!

I would finally thank you very much for your patience and comprehension. With my best wishes, and Have a Happy New Year,

Sirus Kashefi, your modest supervised student

PhD student at Osgoode

PhD in law from Sorbonne



“Intellectual Crime Laundering”: Is there Any Violence Laundering or Intellectual Crimes Against Existence?

This is a project that I want to realize in the frame of a postdoctoral research.

This research is looking to know the theoretical and practical role of intellectuals in crimes against humanity and nature. When it comes to the role of the intelligentsia in State violence, it is actually functioning due to two bands of thinkers or quasi-thinkers: the fabricators and the justificators. The first band, like the atomic scientists and torture scientists, provides the Governors with the material elements of committing unlimited violence against existence, i.e. humanity and nature. The second band, like the philosophers and lawyers, provides the Governors with the psychological or apparently rational elements of committing State violence, which means they rationalize, justify, banalize, legalize, or normalize State violence. In this case, both rightist and leftist thinkers have helped Government to justify and to increase its violence on both national and international scales, or inside State jurisdiction as well as outside it. In this case, torture, murder, civil war, and international war, terrorism, the use of animals in law enforcement and army, and environmental crime are typical examples.

This project is actually an intersectional and multidisciplinary research containing several fields, principally political philosophy, deep ecology, anarchism, and law. It aims at showing what is State violence, on the one side, and how some intellectuals and scientists take part in it, on the other side. It indeed proves that some part of intelligentsia act like money launders insomuch as they play a crucial role in realizing and transforming the proceeds of State violence and crime into ostensibly legitimate assets or law. For instance, the intelligentsias provide the Statesmen/women with the means of mass murder as a technical support, when others rationalize or legalize State brutality by their thoughtful or academic support. In this sense, these categories of intelligentsia function in a complex process that we observe in money laundering by the white-collar criminals. The borderlines among science, academia, ethics, and the freedoms of thought, expression, and research become so blurred, while the State is unlimitedly imposing suffering upon humanity and existence together without any ethical principle or any legal accountability.

As a result, is there any possibility to criminalize those intellectuals and scientists as the national or international criminals against existence and, consequently, to prosecute and to judge them according to the national or international criminal laws? Does this need some specific international courts as those already exist for the intentional criminals? Does this jeopardize the freedoms of thought, speech, or research? Is this an existential challenge for humanity that has obviously taken a laissez-faire policy toward the scholars who are destroying human and natural cohesion and peace to the detriment of their victims who are politically, economically, socially, or academically placing in an absolutely inferior situation? These constitute certain questions that the research tries to answer through some elements of reflections.

Keywords: State Violence, Criminal Law, Criminology, Existence, Intellectual Ethics, Intellectual Crimes, Scientist Crimes, Anarchism, and Deep Ecology


November 8, 2017, Toronto, 6.02 PM

Does A Personality Change?


As certain criminological, anthropological, sociological, or psychological studies have proved or, at least, implied, a person can either change according to different situations, or differently respond to them. There are accordingly two questions:

1) Does a person change according to a situation that indicates her personality is unstable or changeable?

2) Does a situation simply reveal that the nature or reality of a personality is stable?

As I read elsewhere, “don’t be in a hurry to know a person, because the time and the situation, favorable or unfavorable, will reveal her real personality.” The different situations or conditions could thus show the reality of a person, which means her corruption, lies, robbery, opportunism, courage, and so on. Does Malcolm X was right to argue that “Don’t be in a hurry to condemn because he doesn’t do what you do or think as you think or as fast. There was a time when you didn’t know what you know today”?


October 23, 2016, Toronto, 5.43 PM

A Pretty Ugly History Buried in a Short Memory of the Masses!


Contrary to all histories written traditionally by a band of Conquerors’ clans, ass-kissers, and historians, the world is unimaginably full of bloody, hypocrite, or popular discrimination and racism. Human world and history are actually relying unlimitedly on systematic lies, deception, falsification, brainwashing, and propaganda, while matching the short memory of the masses who really love worshiping some mythical or modern personalities (i.e. the cult of personality), despite the extreme violence perpetrated by these worshiped personalities. This is indeed a world in which the Biggest and Universal Criminals or the Godfathers of Terrorism are crowned with glory, honor, prestige, and pilgrimage, when their hands are shamelessly but systematically submerging in an ocean of blood, suffering, slavery, colonialism, imperialism, and plunder devouring countless people, countries, civilizations, and animals or nature as a whole. I can accordingly mention Cyrus the Great, Alexander the Great, Christopher Columbus,[1] Jacques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain,[2] Muhammad, Lenin, Ronald Wilson Reagan, the Bush Dynasty, and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, among many other International Criminal Godfathers and Criminal Explorers or Imperialists. Their names are splendidly decorating countless personal names, places, mausoleums, academic institutions, National Days, cities, or even some countries: Columbus Day, Muhammad, Ali, Genghis, Alexandria, Leningrad, Stalingrad, the Mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini, Imam Khomeini International Airport, Ben Gurion International Airport, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the George Walker Bush Presidential Center, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute, le Musée du Président Jacques Chirac, Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Building at York University,[3] and so on.

They are also some Abominable Criminals who have won the Nobel Peace Prize or, as my sister emphasizes, “the Nobel Cruel Prize” (“Jayezeh Zolmeh Nobel”), such as Henry Alfred Kissinger, Yasser Arafat, Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin, and Barack Hussein Obama who is really a “War President”.[4] Moreover, President Hassan Rouhani, a so-called Moderate Mullah but a real State Criminal, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize![5]

They are also Super-Bloody and Super-Capitalist Dictators who are hotly preaching the ethos of purity and modesty to us! For instance, besides Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and his Dynasty who are extremely Criminal and Capitalist Godfathers/mothers, Seyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei, Gangster Khomeini’s successor as the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, is a typical example in this case. Propagated as a modest, pious, and wise leader, he is ceaselessly proclaiming the necessity of fighting against nafs-al-ammārah urging evil, while he is despotically governing Iran and perfectly supporting and exporting terrorism and corruption around the world through his Islamist State and £60,000,000,000 Financial Empire![6] President Obama, himself a War and White-Collar Criminal, has however threatened to veto a House Bill that aims at disclosing the assets of Iranian Governors, including Khamenei’s Financial Empire![7] U.S. Congress has moreover voted to override President Obama’s veto of legislation allowing 9/11 victims’ families to sue the Government of Saudi Arabia over its alleged support for the terrorists that carried out the attacks.[8]

Besides those Political and Economic Gangsters, they are some State and Scholastic Mobsters who are Professors or researchers in certain prestigious universities (e.g., Oxford University, Harvard University, and Princeton University), worshipped by both the masses and the so-called academicians as the Godlike Savants or Big Philosophers! They are also certain Dictators and their clans who have dirtily been awarded by honorary doctorates, degrees, professorships, fellowships, or scholarships from the honorable universities around the world. They are really Cynical Criminals who have become academicians in order to defend any despotic power or any power who gives them money, fame, and academic titles and prestige as well. They have thus become famous scholars or respected philosophers in spite of their dark and violent background or bloody existence. They are peacefully occupying certain honorable jobs in the majestic universities managed by the invisible hands of a gang of Academic Godfathers/mothers. In this case, we can observe some State Criminals like Presidents Putin and Rouhani, Abdolkarim Soroush, Seyed Hossein Mousavian, Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani, Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani, Naima Taheri or great-granddaughter of Gangster Khomeini, Mohammad Javad Zarif Khonsari, Mohsen Sazegara, Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, Elena Ceausescu, and Suzanne Mubarak.[9] These State Criminals do certainly need certain prestigious degrees and academic titles to maximally plunder the entire world and to perfectly commit the best crimes without any suspicion or culpability.

Moreover, a gang of Opportunists or, in other words, of Ancient Professional Criminals, Murderers, and Robbers are perfectly able to metamorphose into the so-called New Reformists or New Opposition to profit still and again from the wealth and politics of a nation or even the world. In this case, Iran has provided a great ground upon which the Reformist or Islamist Gangsters are eternally effervescing: Ayatollah Hussein-Ali Montazeri,  Mir-Hossein Mousavi Khameneh, Mehdi Karroubi, Seyed Abolhassan Banisadr, President Rouhani, Seyed Mohammad Khatami, Ayatollah Abdul-Karim Mousavi Ardebili, Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani, Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani, Hojatoleslam Hadi Ghaffari, Mahdi Khazali, Mohsen Sazegara, Saeed Hajjarian, Akbar Ganji, Seyed Ataollah Mohajerani, Seyed Mostafa Tajzadeh, Mohsen Makhmalbaf, and so on.  In other words, the Universal Criminals and their gang have a perfect capacity to reorganize their gangsterism or Mafia with a new name, new structure, or new propaganda: nonviolent action, Liberal and Progressive Muslim Movements, Neo-Nazism, Neo-Fascism, Neo-Stalinism, Neo-Khomeinism, Neo-Reaganism, etc.

What can I say more about the disastrous results of those Political, Economic, or Academic Gangsters upon nature as a whole including all existing identities? What a nice thing can we expect from a human being who is as too talented and fantastic in his violence against and exploitation of his fellows as he is toward nonhumans?

The world is obviously remaining in the name or the divine fiefdom of Universal Criminals and their clans, while countless or billion and billion unknown humans as well as nonhumans have constructed the world with their blood, bone, and skin. However, human history is exclusively recognizing the conquest and prestige of the Biggest Conquerors and Imperialists or, in reality, the Biggest Criminals, since neither the masses’ memory is at the rendezvous nor official history is fair at all. The masses are indeed looking forward to finding or to creating “national identity”, “social cohesion”, “collective consciousness”, or even “public demonstration”,[10] which is eventually leading them to support an old dictator or to create a new one for the next generations’ sake. Will the next generations remind paradoxically of the State Criminals (Hitler, Khomeini, Khamenei, and Obama, among many others) as respected and peaceful Governors or recognize them as heroes like our generation does respect the Great Criminals such as Cyrus the Great, Shah Abbas the Great, and Peter the Great?

Where is makafat-e-amal (i.e. the natural punishment of criminals) towards the Biggest Criminals? Is there any justice or the punishment of criminals by nature or natural laws vs man-made law?[11] Is there another world in which God or Gods will punish the terrestrial criminals? “A good year is determined by its spring!” Who has brought any information from another world that is supposedly fairer and more just than ours? Is my nephew right to say “Zalem Salem” or “Cruel is Healthy”? Do the masses, which are the unknown or unrecognized forces of world and history, are always helping their own executioners or Universal Gangsters when forgetting their own force of creating and supporting them?


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October 12, 2016, Toronto, 7.12 PM


Islam, Marxism, and Communism Have Intrinsically No Problem!

I have heard a lot that the Muslims, particularly Iranian ones, are saying: “Islam has no problem in its nature, but every bad thing belongs to our disbelief”! For example, “in the wake of the Nice attacks people are already saying: “But the terrorist wasn’t pious. See! It has nothing to do with Islam.”[1] In this case, the Islamist Government of Iran, Hezbollah, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the ISIS, Jemaah Islamiyah, and Boko Haram are not supposedly Muslim. In other words, these criminal institutions are not true Muslims at all, because Islam, in its Shia and Sunni versions, is a religion of peace and tolerance! As a result, all their violent activities are not Islamist, but fascist: genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, massacres, beheadings, execution, rape, sexual enslavement, forced pregnancy, flagellation, amputation, stoning, crucifixion, torture, plunder, weapons smuggling, destroying temples and ancient sites, selling plundered antiquities on the illegal market, etc.

The same goes for all atrocities (such as mass murder, deportation, and labor camp) committed by the Marxists and communists, since the Marxian and communist ideologists, their clans, and flatters are fervently defending that although those actors could be criminals, they are not true Marxists and communists and have nothing to do with Marxism and communism! Their revolutions or crimes (e.g., the Bolshevik Revolution, the Chinese Revolution, the Cuban Revolution, the FARC, and Khmer Rouge) were actually neither Marxist nor communist! The dictatorships of the proletariat and peasantry are supposedly democratic, even their name is obviously reminding us of repression and massacre.

They are accordingly arguing that Islam and Marxism are tolerant religion and ideology without any despotic nature, but some people, groups, or States have applied them in a wrong way. Moreover, the Western States, civil societies, as well as leftist intellectuals are traditionally regarding Islamist criminality as Islamic fundamentalism, Islamic extremism, radical Islamism, or radical Islam, contrary to Islamic moderation or reformation! The same would exist regarding authoritarian Marxism vs libertarian Marxism! However, there can hardly be any Moderate Islamist or Muslim.[2] It also seems that the West is so scared of the quantity and quality of Islamist violence, which means the potentiality of violence made by nearly 1,700,000,000 Muslims in the world, mostly under the pretext of avoiding hate speech or conservatism! They estimate that the radical Muslims constitute the 15% to 25% of Muslim population, or 180,000,000 to 300,000,000 people who want to destroy Western civilization.[3] As a result, any deep analysis or criticism of the inherent and systematic violence of Islam is almost totally excluded from public debates in the West and its mass media, which can help our world to neutralize Islamist violence in its ideological form by showing and proving the wrongness of Islam and its natural conflict with liberty, equality, and justice.

Furthermore, despite some mutual hostilities (like the questions of God and private property) Islam and Marxism can amazingly marry to become more destructive. In this case, the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party, Ali Shariati Mazinani, and the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran are three examples showing the mixture of both Islamism and Marxism, including Leninism and Guevarism. They are thus strengthening the brutality of State apparatus through mixing Islamist mysticism (real governance belongs to God and His representatives on earth, i.e. some innocent Muslims or Imams) and dogmatist Marxism (only some initiated Marxists can govern and direct the masses toward communism, principally through a revolution) in order to continually paralyze all minds and to mercilessly repress all dissidents.

In short, Islam, Communism, and Marxism have no natural problems, and every bad thing belongs to the disbelief of those who have wrongly applied these great or innocent ideologies! Some intellectuals and people have thus cleared or justified the crimes of Islamists and Marxists. However, can we find any justice and democracy in a Muslim, Marxist, or Communist country? Who is a real Muslim, Marxist, or Communist? Was Marx, the Prophet of Marxism, right to say “All I know is that I am not a Marxist[4]?!

Finally, neither Muhammad nor Marx has any problem, but all problems or atrocities come from our bad faith! In other words, Muhammad and Marx are “Saints”, or absolutely innocent people far from any accusation or inconvenience! Could the same thing be said about the crimes committed by the Catholic Church (such as massacre, the Inquisition Tribunal, and sexual crimes) since its irrational creation and cancerogenic development? Do its crimes have nothing to do with Christianity but with the bad faith of some fake Christians?


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August 31, 2016, 2.21 PM, October 5, 2016, 9.25 PM; October 7, 2016, 2.30 PM

The Iranian People: A Nation of Begging a Little Bit of Liberty by Creating a New Dictator!

The Iranian people have proved that they are a nation who begs a little bit of liberty from political authority throughout a process of humiliation and lie. The so-called Iranian elites have thus mixed some ambiguous, demagogic, and ass-kissing words during this process to create a new party or, more exactly, to subjugate the people to a new dictator. I can present some examples in this case: Iranian Reformists, Council for Coordinating the Reforms Front (Reformist Front Coordination Council), Council of Nationalist-Religious Activists of Iran (Coalition of National-Religious Forces of Iran), Executives of Construction of Iran Party, Union of Islamic Iran People Party, National Trust Party (National Confidence Party), and Modern Thinkers Party of Islamic Iran.


August 27, 2016, 7.59 PM

Nobody Says: “I’m a Human Being!”

When you ask a person about her identity, she replies:

I’m an American.

I’m an Anarchist.

I’m an Arab.

I’m a Baha’i.

I’m a Bisexual.

I’m a Buddhist.

I’m a Capitalist.

I’m a Christian.

I’m a Communist.

I’m a Feminist.

I’m a Guevaraist.

I’m a Guevaraist-Leninist-Maoist.

I’m a Heterosexual.

I’m a Homosexual.

I’m an Internationalist.

I’m an Irish.

I’m a Jewish.

I’m a Jurist.

I’m a King.

I’m a Leninist.

I’m a Lesbian.

I’m a Maoist.

I’m a Marxist.

I’m a Marxist-Leninist.

I’m a Muslim.

I’m a Nationalist.”

I’m a President.

I’m a Prince.

I’m a Princess.

I’m a Professor.

I’m a Prostitute.

I’m a Republican.

I’m a Royalist.

I’m a Socialist.

I’m a Stalinist.

I’m a Trotskyist.

But, nobody replies: “I’m a Human Being!


August 27, 2016, Toronto, 6.33 PM

A Scholarly Paradox: The Poverty of the Students

The professors are traditionally talking too much about poverty when they are too blind, deaf, and mute to see, to hear, and to talk about the poverty of their own clients without them they must be jobless, that is to say about the poverty of the students. Is this because they are per se capitalist individuals living in their own ivory towers? Is this not a scholastic paradox because most of these professors are ceaselessly preaching socialism, justice, and equality to us?


…; August 10, 2016, 9.55 PM